Treasure Island Vacation


With the World Cup going on I really didn’t take the time to tell you about our vacation a few weeks ago. Back in June we went to Treasure Island, Fl. It is located on island a short drive out of Tampa. It’s in the same area as Clearwater, St. Pete Beach, Madeira beach and St. Johns Pass. We took the whole week off and enjoyed some great weather and beach time. It really is beautiful down there. I would not mind going back again. The water was so calm and warm in the Gulf of Mexico which is a big difference from being on the Atlantic Ocean side. We could relax and just enjoy the water without battling waves. It’s also an amazing area to look for sea shells if you like to collect them like we  do 🙂








Update on my surgery


Well I went in on Thursday morning to have my wrist surgery. All went well and I am here to talk about how amazing my doctor was from start to finish. I went back around 15 till 7 and had some amazing nurses that put my mind at ease. They helped me into those stockings they put on you to prevent blood clots, stuck me with my IV and explained everything that was going to happen.


After that my anesthesia doctor

anesthesiologist  came in to make sure I was overall healthy (which I am 🙂 ), and to make sure there were no issues he was not aware of. I confirmed everything was accurate.  About 30 min later, they took me to the pre-op room where they again asked me all the same questions to make sure they didn’t miss anything and confirmed I was who I said I was…which I am pretty sure I am. 9a48b8c1a473775e9dac414f082757c9--nurse-cartoon-nurse-stuffThen my doctor came in marked where he was going to make the incisions (would’ve got a pic but I couldn’t bring my phone). Talked to me a bit made sure I was calm and good to go. He’s a really great doctor knew exactly what to do. After he left, it was about another 15 mins they came and took to me to the Op room where I hopped on the table said a couple of words and I was gone to la la land.


When I woke up it was like nothing happened, but obviously it did. My right had was bandaged up but I felt absolutely felt no pain. I went back to sleep for a few minutes, when I woke back up, one of my nurses came back to check on me and make sure I was good and if I needed anything. I was then wheeled back to my recovery room where my hubby was waiting for me and nurses made sure I was comfy. After that, it was about a 1/2 hour and I went home. Overall the surgery was a lot easier and uncomplicated then I thought it was going to be.

Day one when I came home after surgery all bandaged up:



Today after removing bandage:



I would like to give my thanks to my doctor: J. Eric Stanford, my anesthesiologist, and all the amazing nurses at Athens-Limestone Hospital. They were all great toward me. All pictures are from google except for the ones of my hand (obviously) 😀

Whew…what a weekend!!


Sorry everyone…I’ve been a bad blogger lately. But I do have an explanation not an excuse…lol!! My niece got married!! It’s hard to imagine that the little girl is all grown up now. Not only that but she graduated from college 2 weeks before she got married. She is an amazing young lady and I can honestly say I am so proud of!! She married a very nice young man that she had been with for the last 2 yrs. Hopefully they will have an amazing, long, healthy, and happy relationship.

I would provide pics of them here but she asked I don’t so I will honor it 🙂

On to other things, my Mom’s b-day is tomorrow!! She’s going be 65 years young 🙂  It’s hard to imagine. She surely does not act like it. I hope she will have so many more with me and my family. She is an amazing, wonderful woman (and I’m not just saying it because she is my Mom 😉 ) Love ya Mom!!

So as you see the last few days have be so busy and so filled with excitement!! I will do my weight update in a post in a few minutes but my yoga I’ll do next week!!

Orange Beach and Mobile, AL


About a month ago, hubby told me we had a little extra and we could plan for a quick trip to the coast (it’s a 6 hr drive so not a major undertaking) and spend a couple of days. So for the last month we planned everything to make sure we could swing it and we decide to go for it. Last week we spent a couple days down in Orange Beach. It was a really nice quick trip. We got to go see the USS Alabama in Mobile and all the tanks and airplanes they had on display. After that we went over to Orange beach and spent 1 day and 2 nights in Orange Beach directly on the water 🙂  We got see jelly fish, a little sand crab, and a blue heron as well. It was great to have that quick trip for a refresh

Flea Market/Farmers Market


I love going to the local flea market. I love to look at all the stuff and maybe by a couple things that we need. Not too much but sometimes there are things that you can find that are barely used or not even used, that people do not have the need for. I limit what I buy because I honestly don’t want so much junk laying around. I am trying to get rid of a lot of the useless stuff we have already. So I don’t add anything unless it is something one of us can get use out of. But it’s still fun if for nothing else to just look at all the old stuff 🙂

The best thing though by going to the local flea market is they have an area that has local growers of vegetables and fruits. Some of them, do buy large quantities from big producers but most do not. When we went this past Sunday I made out like a bandit lol!!! I got chili peppers, jalapeño peppers, apples, cucumbers and peaches.


We also got two huge cantaloupes and a watermelon. I love getting stuff like this from local growers if I can because they seem to taste so much better. The only thing that did not come from locals growers were the apples but  you know they still taste good 🙂



Six Flags and Washington DC


We made it back in one!! It was an amazing trip. The kids got to see things they learned about in their history books and read interesting facts about each of the many monuments that we visited. I had went many years ago with my parents and did the same. It was nice to be able to do it for our kids as well. When you get up to these monuments, you really feel the magnitude of the history that they represent.


We did go see other place as well through out the city. We went to several of the city parks and saw some of the local historical marks.


As for the second part of the vacation we went to Six Flags America. It was a lot of mindless fun that we all enjoyed. We spent the entire day there, riding the roller coasters and other rides. By the time we got back to the hotel we were so exhausted we couldn’t see straight…lol!!



On the whole it was an amazing trip. We got exhausted in a good way and got to see things that everyone should see. This was one of the better trips we have been on. Hope you enjoyed the pics…until next time 🙂



Corpus Christi, Padre Island, and Houston…winter vacay!!



Well as I told you all yesterday, Hubby took us on a great little winter vacay. We went because number one we all were on edge and two we got the hotels cheap on the beach (I mean it’s winter…so yeah they were cheap). We drove down there and let me the first to say that was one heck of a drive! It took us 18 hrs to get there not because of the distance even though it is about 1000 miles from us…it was because we ran into a couple of traffic incidents and weather. If we didn’t have that…it probably would have taken us about 14 hrs. Whereas it was an amazingly long drive, we did get to see a lot while driving there. Being from where I am and where I have traveled, I had previously seen the oil refineries and the rigs but of course my kids had never. They were amazed about how big the refineries were. We went on past the refineries in Lake Charles, La and went on to Texas where we hit some really nasty weather. Finally, getting to Corpus Christie, Tx around 8 pm. We went on out to Padre Island, Tx found our hotel and were out like a light.

Day 1:

We went out to the beach even though was really chilly 62 degrees that morning but was fun


Then we went to see the USS Lexington out in Corpus Christi Bay but had to cross the Bay Harbor Bridge to get there


On the USS Lexington to had several examples of the different types of planes that were used. The kids got a kick out of them but I think Hubby got a bigger kick (such a big kid 🙂 )


After we left the USS Lexington, we went to the Texas Botanical Gardens. We saw some beautiful birds that have been rescued and brought back to health as well as some lizards, turtles, and snakes.


Day 2:

On day two we went out and visited some of the flea markets in the area (my thing 🙂 ) and then headed over to Bob Hall Pier where most of us had a good time. My poor son is not really into heights but he went and did really good. So I’m absolutely proud of him 🙂


After we had a stroll on the pier we took a nice long stroll on the beach and did some shelling and played a bit in the water even though was still chilly at  72 degrees. After hanging out there for a bit we went to the Texas State Aquarium. It was a blast!! I enjoyed myself as much as the kids. We got to feed stingrays, play with otters, see alligators, birds, turtles, and dolphins. They also do save and rescue operations for the animals. An amazing place.


After we left the aquarium that day, we went back to Padre Island hung out on the beach and celebrated Hubby’s 48th b-day

Day 3:

On this day we were heading back home and decided we would take a small detour to Houston, Tx. I’m glad we did. It was a gorgeous day. A little on the windy side but absolutely beautiful. On the way to Houston we passed through Port Aransas, Tx. We got to ride the ferry over which was a little bit of an excitement for the kids. A little crow even hitched a ride too 🙂

On the way to Houston we witnessed some Wind Farms. Gotta love the clean energy 🙂


When we got to Houston we went to Hermann Park. It was beautiful and sunny. The park had a train that took you around the whole park and we were able to get a glimpse of downtown.



I hope you enjoyed our trip as much as we did…it was a blast even if it was a little cool 🙂



Dismal Canyon – Phil Campbell, Al


This past weekend me and the fam went to Dismal Canyon in Phil Campbell. For those of you who don’t know where Phil Campbell is, it’s a small town in North Alabama southwest of Decatur which is south of Huntsville. From where I am, it’s about an hour and a half drive. And when I say a drive, I mean it is a drive. I have no problem with long drives, I actually like long drives, but when you go out to that part of Alabama it is so empty. There are small cities but there is usually long pieces when there is nothing. WP_20150501_13_53_40_Pro (this was taken coming back)

But let me reiterate I like long drives….there is just something about getting behind the steering wheel and just driving 🙂

When we got to the canyon it was a really nice quiet place that you could tell was out of the way, away from the city. We started the hike by going down into the canyon:

DSC08913 which as you’re walking down does not feel like you are going that far down, but when you come back up you feel it.

When we got into the canyon and looked up you really know how far down you have come.DSC08921  DSC08934  DSC08960

We saw a coupl of nice waterfalls which I think always makes these kind of hikes fun.

DSC08972 DSC08940


The reddish color of the rocks is not mud or other dirt, it is due to the high Iron content of the rocks. The pictures which are good do not really give the color justice. It was really quite beautiful 🙂

Overall I can say it was a great hike and if you are in the area I’d go have a look because we enjoyed it, but be prepared it is a hiking trail not a walking trail. The kids had a blast climbing all over the boulders and walking through the creeks. It was a great day spent!! 🙂

Farmer’s Market and Flea Market


Well this morning I got the kids up and we went to the local farmer’s market. I guess you could call it a flea market too. They had lots of treasures (junk) and it was just fun to go and walk and enjoy the fresh fall air. We ended up buying a few veggies, an old car tag (my collects them), and few other odds and ends. Was fun morning to be out!! Here’s a some pics of our little bounty 🙂


141019_001141019_004 141019_002 141019_003