Whew…what a weekend!!


Sorry everyone…I’ve been a bad blogger lately. But I do have an explanation not an excuse…lol!! My niece got married!! It’s hard to imagine that the little girl is all grown up now. Not only that but she graduated from college 2 weeks before she got married. She is an amazing young lady and I can honestly say I am so proud of!! She married a very nice young man that she had been with for the last 2 yrs. Hopefully they will have an amazing, long, healthy, and happy relationship.

I would provide pics of them here but she asked I don’t so I will honor it 🙂

On to other things, my Mom’s b-day is tomorrow!! She’s going be 65 years young 🙂  It’s hard to imagine. She surely does not act like it. I hope she will have so many more with me and my family. She is an amazing, wonderful woman (and I’m not just saying it because she is my Mom 😉 ) Love ya Mom!!

So as you see the last few days have be so busy and so filled with excitement!! I will do my weight update in a post in a few minutes but my yoga I’ll do next week!!


Update post…missed you all


Hi all!! Sorry I have not been blogging of late. I have not been the best blogger around 😦  I have not been too good health wise and then everything else. It’d been a long few days and hopefully we all got over the hump.

My health went from having allergy issues to having a full blown cold (which I am getting over). It was awful between the sneezing and dizziness I don’t know which was worse…ugh!! Then on top of that my sciatic nerve decided it wanted to act up. And as anyone who has a sciatic nerve issue knows how painful that is. Every time I moved the pain would go all the way up my back to the tips of my toes. :O

Well on to better things, looks like we are able to get a new roof on the house. Finally the insurance agreed and we will be getting a new one installed in the next week or so. I am so glad for that. It was about time. The last storm we had I guess was the last straw for the insurance and they agreed. YAY!!

My kids are basically finished for the school year and we are planning for the following year. My daughter is going to be in the 7th grade and my son is starting High School next year.  OMG!!!  It’s hard to imagine when I look at my kids to believe how tiny they were. Now they are almost adults. My daughter is discovering what she truly is capable of. I love to watch her do her work because she still has that “little girl” surprise about things when she discovers new things. But she tries so hard to act like an “adult”…lol!!!  My son is so ready to get into the 9th grade. He is going to start on the Honor’s Courses this year and will continue through High School. He is so determined to be the best but he still “needs” mama even though it might be a little grudgingly…lol!!

Well looks like I’m back in the blogsphere…my regular posts will start tomorrow. I hope I still have you all around. Have a great day everyone!!!



Why is it when you think you have everything in line the world throws you a curve? Well that’s what has been happening to me here recently. I don’t complain (or at least I don’t try to) because I know I am more fortunate then some but sometimes it gets to the point where you just have to sit down and ask why. I am not a devout religious person but I do believe in God. I believe for everything there is a reason. But that does not make it better. I guess what I am trying to say is I’m tired at this moment. I’m not depressed or sick or anything like that (thankfully). I just need to stop and regroup. I am just exhausted of running and running to keep up. Financially we are good, health we are good but when things start going south, no matter how good of shape you are in it wears you out. Sigh…..It always works out in the end and I am always better for the trial but it sucks to get there.

Cannot believe it has been 18 years :)


What can I say, it feels like it was yesterday when we met. Yes, goodness knows we have had our share of arguments and sometimes we are both so exhausted we just fall asleep on the couch where one of us wakes the other up to go to bed. We have two amazing kids that are just now seeing the world from a teenager’s point of view and goodness knows we both feel as if we could strangle them sometimes….lol!!!

You treat me like a queen every day and night. When I wake up every morning , I love the feeling of your arms around me. When you leave, I truly cannot wait till you get back home. It’s like part of me is gone and when you come back I am completed once again, even if it is just a few hours out of my day.

They say the longer you have been married it gets lazy and uninteresting. That it becomes routine and no spontaneity is left. I completely disagree. We’ve never had that problem. We have always been two peas in a pod and just as likely to get in trouble. We have kept our lives fun and enjoyable, even though like all marriages we have had our up and downs. The making up was always more fun then anything else.

I know I may not be the easiest to live with at times. I know I have a hot temper but you are always the cool compliment to me. You always know how to make me feel better no matter how I feel. You make me see things from a different point of view. If I’m right you accept it and I don’t say I told you so, if I am wrong you never hang it over my head.

You have helped me grow as I have you. We both have more grey hairs then either of want to think about. But you know what, that’s ok. I’ll take you anyway I can get you 🙂

I love you baby, Happy Anniversary!!

Summer Reading List


Well the kids finished another year and they are so excited for the summer. I can’t blame them I like the summer too. There is just something about the warmth, the sun, and the freedom. You just got to love summer!!

Well that being said, there are going to be times during the summer where they will be bored, or it’s raining, or it’s just too dang hot to go outside. Well to keep them out of my hair and to keep them “engaged” we came up with their lists for the summer.

My daughter who is 11 (and going on 20 or so she thinks…lol) has picked out some great books to read:

Daughter’s List-

Alice in Wonderlandby Lewis Carroll

Animal Farmby George Orwell

Because of Winn Dixieby Kate DiCamillo

War Horse – by Michael Morpurgo


My son the sci-fi nut (like me) who is 13 has also picked out some great ones as well:

Son’s List-

Rama II – by Arthur C. Clarke

Starship Troopers by Robert  A. Heinlein

Stranger in a Strange Landby Robert A. Heinlein

The Andromeda Strain – by Michael Crichton


Hope we might have put some books on your radar to read. ENJOY YOURSELVES AND HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!!!




My Hubby’s new toy :D


On April 22 we bought a gorgeous motorcycle!! It is a 2009 Yamaha Vstar 950. Hubby had been looking around for over a year to find one that he liked and decided on this one. During that year, and a little before, we saved so we would not have to put anymore stress on us with additional debt. It took a bit but we did it!! He loves it and can’t wait to ride it. Time to go out and have fun 😀


Ahhh…first day of Spring!!!


Finally!!! It’s spring!!! It is a wonderful feeling to hear the birds sing and the temperatures change. It’s time to get out and do things that have been put off since it started to get cold. I love spring and all the fresh new changes it brings.

With spring comes a special time of year for my family…Norouz or the Iranian New Year!! Here is a very basic definition as well as some history from Wiki if any of you would like some info about it. As of 11:30 pm cst it is officially the Iranian New Year!! I hope each of you will have a bright healthy spring and a wonderful year.

There is a lot of history for this as you can read about in the above Wiki article but what it means for me is time spent with family and friends. We get talk about all that has happened in the last year and hear stories of years past. We get be around those who mean so much to us and enjoy delicious amazing foods like:

Aash Reshteh

Sabzi Polo Mahi

Kookoo Sabzi

As well as all sorts of other goodies that actually are not good for you but what can I say they are so good 🙂

We also set up a table with what is called Haft Seen:


right to left clockwise

  1. Sabzi (green) – symbolizing rebirth
  2. Sekkeh (coins) – symbolizing wealth
  3. Seeb (apples) – symbolizing beauty and love
  4. Serkeh (vinegar) – symbolizing development and evolution.
  5. Somagh (sumac) – symbolizing patience
  6. Seer (garlic)- symbolizing the medicine and health
  7. Saa’at  (clock) – symbolizing patience

These are all placed on a sofra along with a Holy Book and/or a book of poetry either by the Divan Hafez or Shahnameh. The one I have included has very special meaning for me. My husband gave it to me before we were married (yeah he’s an old romantic at heart 🙂 ). There are other things that are included as is seen above but can vary from person to person. These are a few things that are part of it but there are a lot more to this and like all holidays it is meant to be enjoyed!! I hope it will be an amazing fresh start for everyone.


All this aside, it means a fresh start to me. It means a chance to kick off all the dust of the past and start new. I intend to enjoy every moment. I intend to enjoy spring as it is meant to be. I hope you each have an amazing spring with all sorts of new possibilities 😀