Dismal Canyon – Phil Campbell, Al


This past weekend me and the fam went to Dismal Canyon in Phil Campbell. For those of you who don’t know where Phil Campbell is, it’s a small town in North Alabama southwest of Decatur which is south of Huntsville. From where I am, it’s about an hour and a half drive. And when I say a drive, I mean it is a drive. I have no problem with long drives, I actually like long drives, but when you go out to that part of Alabama it is so empty. There are small cities but there is usually long pieces when there is nothing. WP_20150501_13_53_40_Pro (this was taken coming back)

But let me reiterate I like long drives….there is just something about getting behind the steering wheel and just driving 🙂

When we got to the canyon it was a really nice quiet place that you could tell was out of the way, away from the city. We started the hike by going down into the canyon:

DSC08913 which as you’re walking down does not feel like you are going that far down, but when you come back up you feel it.

When we got into the canyon and looked up you really know how far down you have come.DSC08921  DSC08934  DSC08960

We saw a coupl of nice waterfalls which I think always makes these kind of hikes fun.

DSC08972 DSC08940


The reddish color of the rocks is not mud or other dirt, it is due to the high Iron content of the rocks. The pictures which are good do not really give the color justice. It was really quite beautiful 🙂

Overall I can say it was a great hike and if you are in the area I’d go have a look because we enjoyed it, but be prepared it is a hiking trail not a walking trail. The kids had a blast climbing all over the boulders and walking through the creeks. It was a great day spent!! 🙂