The Ride to Mashhad


Hopped on a train
On the way to Mashhad
Riding along the outskirts
Of the Capital city
Speed gradually increasing
Hearing the clump-clump of the tracks
The gentle sway of the train
Like rocking a babe to sleep

As we go the city turns to sand
Slowly disappearing
As if it turns to dust
Riding along hearing
The clump-clump, clump-clump
As the train runs down the track
Seeing the desert go on for miles
As if nothing else is there
Feeling the gradual climb

As we go north
Going through the dark tunnel
Not knowing what is on the other side
Closing my eyes I look up and see
The inscription on the cabin door
This was an old Russian train
From the sixties
I close my eyes to the rhythmic sounds
Of the train running down

As day turns to night
We come to a stop
Just passengers coming and going
Not my stop
The train gradually starts again
Picking up speed
The sway puts me back again
To a semi-peaceful slumber

I awake and see the day
The train gradually slows
The clump-clump seems
To be louder now
We are closer to the city
The sway not as soothing
But is still there
The train made it again
Safe and sound
To the city of Mashhad.

©MGA 2006

Six Flags and Washington DC


We made it back in one!! It was an amazing trip. The kids got to see things they learned about in their history books and read interesting facts about each of the many monuments that we visited. I had went many years ago with my parents and did the same. It was nice to be able to do it for our kids as well. When you get up to these monuments, you really feel the magnitude of the history that they represent.


We did go see other place as well through out the city. We went to several of the city parks and saw some of the local historical marks.


As for the second part of the vacation we went to Six Flags America. It was a lot of mindless fun that we all enjoyed. We spent the entire day there, riding the roller coasters and other rides. By the time we got back to the hotel we were so exhausted we couldn’t see straight…lol!!



On the whole it was an amazing trip. We got exhausted in a good way and got to see things that everyone should see. This was one of the better trips we have been on. Hope you enjoyed the pics…until next time 🙂