Botanical Gardens


We went to the Botanical Gardens here in north Alabama. The kids received a free ticket from our bank which allowed them to get in for free. So we went and had a little fun looking around and just enjoying nature 🙂 We also went to the butterfly house they have set up to see the cocoons and butterflies. Here are some pics we took along the way:

DSC06524     DSC06527 DSC06529     DSC06535 DSC06536     DSC06541 DSC06581     DSC06552 DSC06555


In the Butterfly House:

DSC06544     DSC06545

DSC06584     DSC06585 DSC06586     DSC06590 DSC06594     DSC06598 DSC06601     DSC06602 DSC06605


Hope you enjoyed the pics!!! All pics were taken with a Sony Cybershot DSC-W180

Swan Creek Trail


On Thursday last week we went on a hike on Swan Creek Trail. It was a great day and Ifigured I’d get the kids out and go for a walk. It’s a beginner trail no major climbing or strain. Just a long walk…3.6 miles. This was really the first time the kids and I have been out to do this kind of thing. I have done it many times before with my husband when we were younger but when the kids were born, like all things, it got harder to do. Now that they are older I intend to do it more! We had a lot of fun and got to see a lot of things 🙂

We took a lot of pictures and even though we tried to get bird pics, it really was nearly impossible. But we will keep trying until we do. Until then here are some of the pic we did get. Enjoy!!


DSC06216 DSC06242 DSC06241

3 different types of mushrooms:

DSC06244 DSC06271 DSC06258



A butterfly that wanted to hang around with us:

DSC06223 DSC06273

Several different types of Dragonflies:

DSC06266 DSC06249 DSC06267 DSC06265

a grandaddy long-legged spider:


Another spider not sure what he is:


Wild Rasberries:


Purple Clover:

DSC06231 DSC06230



Queen Anne’s Lace:


Wild Onion/Garlic:


Some nice moss:



Well that is it for this trip…next time around will have more pics. My daughter helped me get the pics. All the pics were taken with a Sony CyberShot DSC-W180 10.1 Megapixel. Hope you enjoyed them!!

Spiders are cute (sometimes)


Yesterday when I was out on my patio I saw this itty, bitty spider. Now I know most people’s first instinct is to squish them and yes I was tempted, but I didn’t. It actually on closer inspection was actually a really cool looking critter…


Now I am still not a big fan of spiders but this little guy was really cute and even allowed me to pick him up on a stick.


After my kids and I got a few more pics and had a good look at him, we put him back down and sent him on his way.


Overall, I don’t like them but I do have respect for them. I try to teach my kids the same respect for them and all other things. I think yesterday was a good step in the right direction.

backyard flowers, weeds, and earthworms


Well as I said in my last post, my kids and I got up early this morning. After the sun came up and we had our breakfast, we went back out. We decided to got hunting for all sorts of things. And we found a lot!! The first thing we came across was an earthworm. Now we did not just stumble upon hm we actually moved one of my pots and found him:


The next one we saw as we were sitting on the patio was a young Barn Swallow:


After that we got up and went around our back yard to see what else we could find.We found lots of bugs but most were to small to get a great pic of. But as we got close to the end of the property we heard a rustling of the bushes. My first thought was that it was a snake. So I told the kids to go back to the patio. Come to find out it was not a snake but a baby Mocking bird. He looked so frightened.


I backed away after taking the pic. He did not even flinch. A little while later we saw him fly away. The rest of the morning we went around snapping pics of the flowers and weeds (lol) in our yard. My daughter took most of the pics of the flowers this morning.



White Begonia:



Pink Begonia:



White Clover:





Red Clover and Buttercups:


Red Bud Tree:


Maple Tree:




DSC06132 DSC06131

Common weed…not sure of the name 🙂


As we take more pics, I will continue to share them with you. Hope you all enjoyed them and our adventure.

All pics were taken with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W80 10.1 megapixel


Sunrise in my back yard


Today has been a gorgeous day!! It’s not too hot here yet and this morning me and my three cohorts (my kids and cat) decided to get up a little early and watch the sun come up. I know that sounds silly and what kid really wants to get up early anyway..right? Well surprisingly, my two did.  These moments are so wonderful. We didn’t get a pic of the sunrise but for a brief moment being out in the early morning air before anything happens was one of the best moments in my life. I know it is a little corny but every moment you have will never be repeated. Even if you do the exact same thing the next time, it will be completely different. Each day they get older and the chances become less and less for these kind of moments.  I intend to enjoy them as much as I possibly can!!