Second group of puzzles


Hi all!! Sorry it took me so long to post another one of these. I took the pictures but just did not have the time to come and up load them here. Here are three new ones we completed. They were a blast!!


Porto Fino, Italy – 500 pcs



99 Beautiful Places on Earth – 1000 pcs



Flags of the World – 1000 pcs





I love puzzles, my husband loves puzzles, and my kids love puzzles. They love to open up a box and find all the pieces and see the final outcome. Well, we started doing them again about 2 months ago because to be honest we got bored with what we saw on tv. We cracked open some of the old puzzles we had and have bought some since and are working on them. I thought I’d share some of the puzzles we completed so far. Unfortunately some of the first puzzles we started were missing a few pieces because they had been tossed and moved around so much. But we completed them to the best that we could. these are the puzzles we have completed since we started:


Pumpkin Patch:


Sunset on a Busy Day:



Peacock Feather:


Yosemite at Dusk:


I’m going to make this a regular posting. It might not be every week but there will be one regularly as we get each done. Hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we do putting them together đŸ™‚