Health Update


It’s been a while since I last updated you all on my health improvement journey. Needless to say I have not been successful. I could blame getting sick or having too much on my plate or stress…etc. I could go on forever and give you so many excuses. But in the end it was and is me. Yes I did have some health issues…nothing devastating. I have had a sever sinus infection that did not want to go away which caused some really agonizing headaches. Which not only made me miserable but got to a point where I did not want to do anything but sit and try to relax to make them go away. Finally, the sinus infection has went away and the headaches are less and I am somewhat normal. During this time I also was able to get a better position which made me work more hours and added more stress which at the time did not help the above. There were other issues as well but I am not going to go into this because I feel I am making excuses and hate that. I hate blaming other things for my own shortfalls when I know I could have been taking better care of myself. Needless to say, I am almost back to where I was when I started. the only good thing is my Cholesterol did not go up again…just my weight. I have to get back on track.

Fit Check 4/24


Morning all!! Today is 12 day since my wrist surgery and it looks like my hand is back to normal. It’s sort of itchy but I guess that is because it is healing. I have an appointment with my Dr on Thursday for him to make sure is healing right and to take out the stitches.

As far as my exercising goes\, I really could not do too much due to my hand being the way it is. I did get out with my daughter though and kick the ball around which felt amazing. I’m looking forward to getting back on track when I get the stitches out.



Fit check 4/17/18


Hi all!! Just though I’d let you know how I’m doing. I have not done much exercising this week due to my surgery. I intend to “get back on the horse” this week and continue exercising. It was good to take a few days off but I cannot continue doing so and my hand is healing so that will not stop me. So everything will get back on track this week with no issues.



Fit Check 4/10


Morning all!! I have changed my exercise routine this past week because I felt like I was getting in a rut. I have started doing more aerobic activities as well as some light weight lifting. I probably am not going to post a fit check next week just due to the fact I am having surgery on Thursday on my wrist for carpal tunnel. We’ll see how that goes. When I can I’ll post an update until then….have a great week!!



Fit Check 4/3/18


Well this week was a hectic week…between the kids, my job, and life in general…I did not get much done this week. But I did get some exercising done. Not as much as I would have liked to but I did. Unfortunately, my gazelle broke and I have to go back to my original exercises from way back when. Might be a good thing…it might actually kick start my body to start burning again. I guess we will have to see.



Fit Check 3/27/18


G’morning all!! It is a beautiful day and I hope everyone is have a good one today!! I have had some big improvements. I got out with my daughter for 30 minutes playing soccer over the weekend without becoming winded!! I know it’s not numbers but you know something…I starting to not really care so much about those numbers. Yes I want to lose weight, yes I want my cholesterol to come down, yes I want my size to shrink…but just the fact I was able to do what I did this weekend made all that unimportant.Screenshot_2018-03-27-08-43-35[1]


Fit Check 3/20/18


Another week has went by and I am getting closer to my goal of getting healthier. I am eating better and exercising more. I am enjoying being outside with my kids. My weight is not coming down anymore yet but I know it will. I just have to keep on and I will. I am stuck between 178 and 180. It can be frustrating and discouraging but I know it will come off as long as I am persistent.



Fit Check 3/13/18


Hi all!! Well I am feeling loads better then last week. I finally got over the bug that my lovely daughter gave me. Now I just got to get back up and exercised again. Which…actually is not as hard as I thought it would be. My body is sort of craving to exercise. So now I will give it what it wants. Till next week!!Screenshot_2018-03-13-04-47-51.png




Fit Check 3/6/18


Morning all!! Been an interesting week. My daughter got a cold which automatically meant I ended up with it. She’s almost over it but mine is still lingering…yay 😦  I’ll be ok in a couple of days, Until then I can’t do too much in the way of exercising because my body needs the energy to recover. So for the next couple days I’ll bee getting some rest and allow myself to heal up. See you all next week!!