Quotes 7/15/18


Have a relaxing Sunday!!


My family is my strength and my weakness.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


Social Media…why?


Last week I made a post about Rosanne Barr, about what she said, what ABC did…etc. It got me thinking. When I was watching the original Rosanne show, I remember her saying things like she said but it was not such a heart stopping, OMG moment. She did say things very similar but no one really paid attention to them like they did now. I know maybe it is a good thing to draw attention to things like this so it will stop but I wonder why people are so concerned with other people’s existence? Why we have to look for something to be wrong? If we did not have the social media options that we do, would we be better off or worse? I ask these things constantly I think more because I have kids growing up in this “new” world and to be honest I’m worried. I’m worried because most of the new generation does not know how to process things the way when I was growing up. I worry because I see so many people detached from reality and cannot process the real world and when they cannot then other issues develop.

Before anyone says I am old fashioned, behind the times, or I don’t know what I am talking about, I am not against social media. I am not saying if social media was not around nothing bad would happen. I am all for being connected to each other. But at what point do we stop looking at other people and try to change or try to convince ourselves we are them? At what point do we take OUR lives back and stop trying to prove we can do what the other people we follow are? Why do we have to post every moment or even almost every moment of our lives online? WE need to take our lives back.

Social media is not a bad thing. It helps us see things we may never have seen before. I remember when computers became popular and the average person was able to buy one and put it in their homes. It was touted as being a “gateway to the world” It is true, it is an amazing thing. Then came the internet..I fell in love with those dial up modems that made those screechy sounds because I never knew where it could take me. Then as the computers got better the number of websites increased as well as the speed to get from one to the other increased. And when we thought it could get no better Social media started to develop. Now we cannot live with out our computers or social media.

This is not a post to say how bad social media is. This is a post to make those of us who do not remember a time with out computers, internet, or social media try to think past this. To try to see something beyond what is now. To understand what is on this screen is not all real no matter what the person on the picture or video says. We all need a dose of reality. Not virtual reality.

Goals for June


Ok I am just a fountain of posts today….lol!!! I just got the bug so I guess I am writing 🙂

I figure with the new month I am going to start some new habits. I have been wanting to get back to reading. I used to read a lot but between work and life sometimes it is hard to find time. So I am making time for that and a few other things as well. Here’s my list:



  1. read more (2 books at least)
  2. use less electronic devices
  3. try to get out more
  4. cook with my kids more


I know they sound simple but the reality is they are not. I am definitely going to read at least 2 books. Not sure which ones yet but I’ll put them on here and give a brief synopsis after reading (yeah I’ll write a short report…lol). The electronic devices thing is going to be a little hard but I will do it. I will get out more…especially with the kids being out of school, the weekends will be great. The cooking thing is probably the easiest. Both of my kids love to cook. So I guess we will just make it a family thing 🙂



Why do we second guess ourselves? I know I am good enough. I know I am beautiful, I know I have everything I need to be me. Then why do I have second guesses about everything that is in my life or I have done in my life. I love my family, my life, and what I do. Then why at this moment am I so insecure?



I love puzzles, my husband loves puzzles, and my kids love puzzles. They love to open up a box and find all the pieces and see the final outcome. Well, we started doing them again about 2 months ago because to be honest we got bored with what we saw on tv. We cracked open some of the old puzzles we had and have bought some since and are working on them. I thought I’d share some of the puzzles we completed so far. Unfortunately some of the first puzzles we started were missing a few pieces because they had been tossed and moved around so much. But we completed them to the best that we could. these are the puzzles we have completed since we started:


Pumpkin Patch:


Sunset on a Busy Day:



Peacock Feather:


Yosemite at Dusk:


I’m going to make this a regular posting. It might not be every week but there will be one regularly as we get each done. Hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we do putting them together 🙂

Life happens…sometimes faster then we think.


I was taking pictures the other day and my daughter who is 13 was there with me. We started talking about everything under the sun. As I was listening to her, it surprised me just how much she changed from that little girl that was always running around, giggling, climbing, getting into things to this young lady that now has a whole different perspective on things. She has such a bright but a little hesitant look on the world.  I guess that is the age as well. I took pictures of her that day as well and I see the amazing differences.  She is no longer that little girl. She is becoming a strong, beautiful young lady. She will always be my little girl though…that will never change 🙂