Age is just a number


A long time ago, in a town, somewhere in the south…a girl was born. She had all the potential of any kid. But little did she know 41 years later that she would end up being married for 20 years and have a 15 (almost 16) and 14 year old. She did not know all the things that would happen or what she would achieve. She had no clue what life was going to bring her. All she knew at that moment was that she was warm and safe in her mom’s arms.

Years passed and she grew up to be a rambunctious tom boy, an ornery teenager, and a curious and ambitious adult. She met a man that would change everything she knew up to that point.  She would fall in love and give him two beautiful amazing children. She gave him her heart and never looked back.

Again the years continued to pass and she got older but never felt old. She never thought of being old even as her number went up because no one ever looked at herself as being old. She was always asked where do you get that energy, how do you do it….? She just smiled and said I just do.

But now as I sit here…thinking about everything…I realize age really is a number. It is not how we should define ourselves. We should define ourselves by our abilities not by how old we are. If we are able to do whatever we want, see, be…then we should. Today is my birthday and yes I am 41 years old but I do not let it define me….I define it.

20 Years!! :)


Today is the day my husband and I have been married 20 years!! It’s hard to imagine that it has been that long. When I think about everything, it does not feel like it has been that long. He is an amazing man that I am so glad I met and fell and love with. There is no one else I can even imagine my life with.

Life like with everything brings changes to us and we are no different then anyone else. I’m no longer the 21 year old he married and he isn’t the 30 year old I married. We’re older, have two teenagers, and all the other hang-ons that come with life. We grew up with each other even though we were very much adults when we got married. We changed but we changed for the better. We were “in love” when we married but now we love each other. There is not a moment in my life that I don’t miss him when he is gone. He made me a better person. He helped me become a stronger woman. Like wise I made him a better man. I made him a peaceful, loving husband that shows when we’re alone and when he is with his kids. We are definitely the perfect pair.


Happy 20th Anniversary sweetheart!! I love you forever!! Here is to forever!!

Hey all…just letting you know


I’m still around!! Sorry I have not been really blogging too much recently. I’ve had somethings I needed to get straight in my head and life. I am still working on a few things because if I don’t straighten them out I will regret it. I have to put things in their places and stop worrying so much what everyone else thinks. But you know what…it’s hard. Especially when it’s people that are a major part of your life. I am lucky this time. I have an amazing husband that helps me realize things that are said disappear with the breeze and things that are done are forgotten about after they do them. He has shown me that I cannot allow everything to get to me.

All that being said, my life is coming back together and I will be posting again. It’ll just be a little bit longer. I will be back 🙂

Whew…what a weekend!!


Sorry everyone…I’ve been a bad blogger lately. But I do have an explanation not an excuse…lol!! My niece got married!! It’s hard to imagine that the little girl is all grown up now. Not only that but she graduated from college 2 weeks before she got married. She is an amazing young lady and I can honestly say I am so proud of!! She married a very nice young man that she had been with for the last 2 yrs. Hopefully they will have an amazing, long, healthy, and happy relationship.

I would provide pics of them here but she asked I don’t so I will honor it 🙂

On to other things, my Mom’s b-day is tomorrow!! She’s going be 65 years young 🙂  It’s hard to imagine. She surely does not act like it. I hope she will have so many more with me and my family. She is an amazing, wonderful woman (and I’m not just saying it because she is my Mom 😉 ) Love ya Mom!!

So as you see the last few days have be so busy and so filled with excitement!! I will do my weight update in a post in a few minutes but my yoga I’ll do next week!!

Cannot believe it has been 18 years :)


What can I say, it feels like it was yesterday when we met. Yes, goodness knows we have had our share of arguments and sometimes we are both so exhausted we just fall asleep on the couch where one of us wakes the other up to go to bed. We have two amazing kids that are just now seeing the world from a teenager’s point of view and goodness knows we both feel as if we could strangle them sometimes….lol!!!

You treat me like a queen every day and night. When I wake up every morning , I love the feeling of your arms around me. When you leave, I truly cannot wait till you get back home. It’s like part of me is gone and when you come back I am completed once again, even if it is just a few hours out of my day.

They say the longer you have been married it gets lazy and uninteresting. That it becomes routine and no spontaneity is left. I completely disagree. We’ve never had that problem. We have always been two peas in a pod and just as likely to get in trouble. We have kept our lives fun and enjoyable, even though like all marriages we have had our up and downs. The making up was always more fun then anything else.

I know I may not be the easiest to live with at times. I know I have a hot temper but you are always the cool compliment to me. You always know how to make me feel better no matter how I feel. You make me see things from a different point of view. If I’m right you accept it and I don’t say I told you so, if I am wrong you never hang it over my head.

You have helped me grow as I have you. We both have more grey hairs then either of want to think about. But you know what, that’s ok. I’ll take you anyway I can get you 🙂

I love you baby, Happy Anniversary!!

The love of my life


Being married can take a toll sometimes on you, but when you have a spouse who will truly do anything for you it makes things better. I have an amazing partner that honestly I have no idea what I would do if he was not there. He’s my companion, my lover, and truly my best friend. I could go on forever about how good he is to me even though sometimes it isn’t as good as it should be. I mean come on we’re both human…lol!!

What I am trying to say, is that I am so glad you are mine sweetheart!! I would not change a thing!! Here’s to 17 years with an amazing man, that loves me just the way I am 🙂

Happy Anniversary baby!!