Update on my surgery


Well I went in on Thursday morning to have my wrist surgery. All went well and I am here to talk about how amazing my doctor was from start to finish. I went back around 15 till 7 and had some amazing nurses that put my mind at ease. They helped me into those stockings they put on you to prevent blood clots, stuck me with my IV and explained everything that was going to happen.


After that my anesthesia doctor

anesthesiologist  came in to make sure I was overall healthy (which I am 🙂 ), and to make sure there were no issues he was not aware of. I confirmed everything was accurate.  About 30 min later, they took me to the pre-op room where they again asked me all the same questions to make sure they didn’t miss anything and confirmed I was who I said I was…which I am pretty sure I am. 9a48b8c1a473775e9dac414f082757c9--nurse-cartoon-nurse-stuffThen my doctor came in marked where he was going to make the incisions (would’ve got a pic but I couldn’t bring my phone). Talked to me a bit made sure I was calm and good to go. He’s a really great doctor knew exactly what to do. After he left, it was about another 15 mins they came and took to me to the Op room where I hopped on the table said a couple of words and I was gone to la la land.


When I woke up it was like nothing happened, but obviously it did. My right had was bandaged up but I felt absolutely felt no pain. I went back to sleep for a few minutes, when I woke back up, one of my nurses came back to check on me and make sure I was good and if I needed anything. I was then wheeled back to my recovery room where my hubby was waiting for me and nurses made sure I was comfy. After that, it was about a 1/2 hour and I went home. Overall the surgery was a lot easier and uncomplicated then I thought it was going to be.

Day one when I came home after surgery all bandaged up:



Today after removing bandage:



I would like to give my thanks to my doctor: J. Eric Stanford, my anesthesiologist, and all the amazing nurses at Athens-Limestone Hospital. They were all great toward me. All pictures are from google except for the ones of my hand (obviously) 😀

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