some cool links to post photos


Morning all!! I have a couple of new links that are great places to post pics and even have people comment on them.

The first one ( I think everyone knows this one) is:

If you have yahoo you can sign into your account and get started immediately.

The other one is

I really like this one. You can get advise as well as exposure for your photos 🙂

If anyone is interested….you can go to my pages on both. Some are pics I have posted here…others I have not. Enjoy!!

A class that might interest some Homeschoolers


Through our cover school here in Alabama they have offered a free HTML class for any homeschoolers and their parents too. You do not have to be with our coverschool. It’s good starting point for anyone wanting to learn basic HTML. He is also offering some advanced classes as well. It’s worth the look!!!




I love this website!!! Great place to post your poems when you don’t have too much to say 🙂  You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook too. Have a look….I’m sure you’ll enjoy it 😀