Quotes 3/6/18


Here’s to another Tuesday!! Enjoy your day!!


A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition.

William Arthur Ward


Happy New Year!!!


As I said in previous blog, I am coming back with a different approach to this blog. I am going to keep it lean. I think I bit off more then I could chew and even though it was fun I could not keep up with it like I wanted to. I am going to keep certain aspects but others I am doing away with just because I cannot maintain them as well and it would be a disservice to you as my readers. I am keeping my “A Quote a Day”, “Adventures”, “Health and Exercise”, “Hobbies”, “My Opinion (and that is all it is)”, “Poetry”. “Reblogged Posts”, “Recipes”, “Some Good Links”. Anything else that was here I am trimming out. I may do some other trimming later in the year. We will just have to wait and see.

I will start my fitness posts again once a week but this time I am going to hold myself accountable more then I did last year. And whereas I do have a specific goal, I think I failed myself in having to lofty of a goal all at once. I am still keeping that 150 pounds in mind but I am taking smaller steps just because I burned out with my exercise. I still exercised but I started hating it and it became harder. Not to say it was ever easy, it just lost it’s shine so to speak. I am going to post a pic of my Fitbit page each week to show you all my progress. I can’t fib that…lol.

My quote a day will start tomorrow and like last time, it will be everyday. I think that was one of my most popular categories and I hope you will all continue to enjoy it.

My recipe category I will do a post once a week. I will do my best to find some interesting recipes as well as use some from my own culture.  We all love to eat so hopefully I can find at least some everyone will enjoy.

The rest of my categories on my blog will be attended too as well when inspiration strikes. 🙂

I hope none of you left during my hiatus but if you did I hope you find me again. I hope I can keep your interest in the few things I do.

I wish you all a productive amazing New Year and all you hopes and wishes come true!!


I have not disappeared….


At least not yet 🙂


I know it’s been a long time since I posted things on here. I didn’t leave because of something said or something done. I didn’t leave because I wanted to stop posting my life. I left because I wanted to disconnect. It was getting to the point where I was becoming obsessive (never a good thing) with the whole blog idea. I had to stop myself. It had started to affect me in a lot of ways (both good and bad) and brought up a lot of things I thought I had long forgotten. Things not all bad but none the less, wanted to move on from. It dredged up old memories of things that made me who I am but I did not want to remember. That’s the reason I left.

I want to make this blog what I originally wanted. Just a place that I could come to talk out loud. But it started to feel like it was slipping away from that and just becoming  “everything and nothing” . I realize it was my fault I should have stayed within my idea but it is so easy to get lost. It is so easy for things to get overly complicated when there is no reason for it. As you my followers see, I did not close it. I just stopped posting. Not the best idea but it I did.

But guess what…I’m baaaack!!   (lol)

I am coming back after the first of the year and am going to do a reboot of my blog to get it back to what I wanted to do originally and try to help myself as well as anyone wanting an ear, virtual hug, or anything in that realm of help. We all live in this life, lets make the best of it that we can.