Turn the @#$% thing off!!


Ok maybe I am being a little harsh and this might be a bit of an oxymoron in the sense I am on my laptop at 5:30 in the morning typing this post up…but really can we all just shut everything off for a little bit. Have we really got to a point where all we can do is stare at screens all day and not realize what is going on in the world around us? I know it’s hard. I am very guilty in the sense that I am on my computer a lot of the day because of work and even when I get off in the afternoon I am back on. I am going to start today after I get off work…to set some time aside without anything on. No TV, smart phone (except for calling), no computer, at least for a couple of hours. I think I am getting too involved with being on line and I think it is effecting my take on things. I don’t like the way it has started to influence my thinking. So everyday at least for the month of June, I am going to do that. I am going shut the @#$% thing of đŸ˜›

Happy May Day!!


Today being May 1 is a really important day. Whereas here in the US we have Labor Day to celebrate the working man, May Day celebrates the working man internationally. As we see this day go by like any other day…think about all the working men and women every day that make this world go round. Celebrate them and yourself today.

I have made posts on May Day previously providing info about May Day. If you have not looked at it have a look. It has some great info about May Day. Stay safe and enjoy your day!!




The more I do the less I get


Why is it when I do more I get less? It’s not to say I don’t enjoy my job or do not do my job to the best of my ability but when I try to do more or achieve more I don’t get what I want. I work the best I can and always not only help myself but try to help others as well. But it always seems the ones who do less get more.

I know this post probably sounds bitter but it really is not intended that way. I enjoy my job still. I love helping the people I help because I know when they leave me they have the knowledge that will help them be better at what they do. I know they can do their job and not have to ask again what I explained. But sometimes it really sucks when you try to reach up and grab the next rung and you get slapped down. It is really defeating.

I have to remind myself that no matter what they say and do the best reward (even though a bigger paycheck would be nice) is when my co-workers call in and say: “I’m glad it’s you” or “Finally someone who will help” or ” You’re always so cheerful…I’m glad you answered the phone”. I wish I could do more. I wish I could be where I could help these people more. But I guess for now I have to accept it when my fellow agents call in and appreciate me for my help. I have let it go and do the best I can do where I am even if I am doing more with no reward.