Did you miss me…or was this a hiatus…


Hey everyone!! It’s been awhile since I did a full post. I needed some time to get my head straight on a few things going on which I will share partially here. There have been things going on that I have had to come to terms with and the reality of my life is that I have to put somethings first whereas others are not necessarily last but I had to and still am trying to figure out if they are worth it. I think in a way I have had to “clean house”  in my mind, body, and soul. No I am not getting spiritual here but it’s not a bad thing. This is my journey and I am finding out things that I thought were important are not and things that might not have been paid attention to are. It was an interesting thing.

The first thing, I was having a conversation with another female a few days ago about the big discussion going on “why can’t women have it all” …..Let me stop here before I go any further I am not trying to sway one way or the other or judge anyone who has one way or the other. This was just a conversation……  We were talking about and the discussion got a little heated on her side due to her believing that if a woman makes enough money she can have it all. That she can have the husband, kids, home…everything if she just made enough money. That if she made enough money that she could hire someone to take care of the kids while at work, clean her home, cook her meals…etc. Then she could come home and “spend time with her family”. My side of it was how is that having it all? You have someone else doing everything you would otherwise be doing as a “mom” just to say you have a career. You’re at work. When you come home after working 10 – 12 hrs a day you will not want to spend time with the kids if you are not already used to doing this. She then turned around and told me that is why I will never be “rich” and that I have become “lazy” in my life. At that point I felt the need to change the conversation due to things were getting heated and this person and I are very close. During this discussion, I started thing about things in my own life and I started wondering if I made the right choices. But since this conversation I have come to this conclusion: Being rich is not the only thing important. Yes there is not a time where I wish we had more money but thankfully we are not doing without. But there is not a day that I regret having to come home, due to circumstances, to raise my kids and enjoy them from the time they were babies up until now as they are teenagers (eek!). We could have had a bigger home, fancier cars, been in that “area” of the city but at what consequence?

In my life, I have made choices. Some I was forced to make due to circumstances others I made free and clear of any outside intervention. One choice I have discussed in this blog lightly is the fact of having to remove myself from certain situations in the past and seems like I still have to now. It seems when I am finally at a point in my life that I have my head up and I feel amazing, there is always someone to try to bring me back down into the muck. This has been happening the last few months as well and is part of the reason my posts up until I quit posting were getting a little monotonous. I almost went back to the way I was back in 2005. What brought me back this time was the new me. I had started going back into my old habits. I started getting hurt and angry too easily. I started to fall back into that trap of nothing. I even started gaining the weight I have worked so hard to get off. It then dawned on me this is exactly what they want. They want me to be as miserable as they are. Even though they like to say they are happy and get to do everything that I can’t do and have everything I don’t. But you know what…I have everything I want. I am the one that has to live my life. I am the one that has to do what I can in my life and I know I am not going to let them drag me down just make me less then them. I can just imagine everything that is said when I am not around….and I think it is hilarious!!

Over the years, I have had to let go of things that I had my heart set on, Things that I always thought that I wanted. But as I am reaching forty (OMG), I am finding out how much energy I wasted on wanting something I would never have. I have for so many years wanted to be part of a venture that was began before I was born. I had always thought I would be part of it. Not because of money but because it was literally part of my life constantly. As the years went by, I found out that it was not going to happen for various reasons. Needless to say this made me feel as if I was not good enough, that I did not have the abilities that were needed. It took me a long time to get past that. Actually to be honest I am not too sure I am even now. I had always believed that if I proved myself in everything they put in front of me I could be what they wanted. But needless to say it was not good enough. I wasted so many years doing this. Now I will be 40 my birthday and you know what…I’m done with trying to live up to some expectation that I will never achieve. Does that mean I will slack off? Does that mean I will not continue to achieve what I want?  No what it means is I will set my own expectations and be damned if they like it or not.

The sad thing with these things I have posted here is that, these are close people to me and they really are not bad people. But I had to make a choice all those years ago, and I have to renew that decision, that put me on the path I am today. I have to realize that whereas they are a part of my life and are important to me, I have to let what is said or done “go in one ear and out the other”. I cannot allow anyone to make me less then I am. Not anymore. My life is set on a path. I just have to remember that. I have to remember that there are going to be potholes, diversions, and forks in the road but in the end it will all end up in the same spot. How I want to get there is up to me no one else.

Quotes 11/8/16


Here’s to a freedom that should never be taken for granted!! With that being said I’m giving you a 3 for 1!! Have an amazing day and get out and vote!!


The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don’t have to waste your time voting.

Charles Bukowski


It’s time for women to wake up, to use the power of the vote, to honor the suffragists who chained themselves to the White House fence so that women could vote.

Madeleine M. Kunin


Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.

Franklin D. Roosevelt





The judgement today on Birth control


It took me a bit to figure out what I would say if anything regarding this. I thought maybe I should leave it be and move on. Then I thought no I should say something  not so much to argue about which is better but to really look at it from a very simple point: the women and families effected by this judgement.

Now I realize there are a lot of people who say they are happy that this judgement was passed down but I’m not too sure they really know what doors this is opening. As a woman, I was fortunate to have insurance when my  husband and I were first married that paid for birth control because God knows I was not ready for children at that point in my life. We were married for 2 years before we were blessed with a beautiful boy and then 22 months later his little sister came into the world. Before this, if I had become pregnant it would have been a situation that would have been a lot more difficult than it had to be. I am grateful for my children and would not change it in a heartbeat.

Now with this said, I realize there are religions the forbid birth control. I realize that it may offend some religious people due to the fact they believe anytime a man and woman come together it should be to have children. Reality is not that simple. As I said I was married for 2 years before we had kids. What was I supposed to tell my husband ‘oh no sweetie we can’t have sex because we want to wait for kids’ ? Really? What do you think my husband would have said? I don’t think I would have stayed married very long…hahaha!!!

As far as religious freedom goes, I understand that it is a belief that there is a compromising of faith when a company with religious ties is told it has to offer insurance that covers birth control. But when a company decides it is a public company and is hiring all beliefs, nationalities, color, handicapped…etc (by federal law) they need to understand that not everyone in the store is going to be the same way. These people who are hired are looking for work and insurance and by law if the company has insurance that meets the minimum requirements, the person that is hired is not eligible for that ‘credit’ toward insurance that was promised. I know…we found out this year too.

I by no means expect anyone to compromise their religious beliefs, but when it comes to corporations, they should not be allowed to pick and choose what they want to cover and what they do not want to. You can’t say ‘I hire a diverse workforce’ and then say ‘Oh by, the way the company insurance doesn’t cover birth control’. It is unreasonable for any corporation to expect every one of their employees to believe the same way. There is no way  for every one of their employees to be on the same page unless they just go specifically targeting certain individuals for employment. I think the judgement, whereas a fair judgement, was off target because not all was looked at. The outcome for this decision will affect women and their decisions all throughout this country.  And somehow I don’t think the decisions are going to be the best. We will just have to wait and see how this plays out.