Fit Check 3/6/18


Morning all!! Been an interesting week. My daughter got a cold which automatically meant I ended up with it. She’s almost over it but mine is still lingering…yay 😦  I’ll be ok in a couple of days, Until then I can’t do too much in the way of exercising because my body needs the energy to recover. So for the next couple days I’ll bee getting some rest and allow myself to heal up. See you all next week!!


Fit Challenge Week 31


Hey all!! Back from my little bug….feeling a lot better. Still have a few sniffles but that is almost gone as well. I have had some maintaining on what was from last week because I really did not do too much. I am picking up the pace a bit this week but not going to over do it because I am still healing. I should be at 100 % next week. Till then here are my stats. Have a great week!!


Height: 5′ 7″

Weight: 173.6

Bust: 38 in

Waist: 32

Hips: 37 in



Here we are again the one-word prompt challenge. Seems the word today is ANGRY. Well considering I have been sick here is my poem:  Sick

wake up

feels like a sucker punch

oh no can’t be

yep I’m sick

so angry

got too much to do

hate myself to let this happen

getting angrier

but can’t change it

I’m sick

why me

why now

too much needs to be done

won’t do me any good

I’m sick

get over it