wake up
sit up
look in the mirror
put on clothes
not that
not this
can’t fit
look in the mirror
brush hair
fix makeup
look in the mirror
not good enough
not bad enough
not cool enough
not thin enough
look in the  mirror


Fit Challenge Week 33


Again sorry about the late post…see my yoga post So anyway after last weeks 1 inch I did not have much more progress. But you know what I feel amazing. I am doing things I have not been able to do in quite a few years. And to be honest my hubby is loving the difference too 🙂  It’s been a major change in the way I feel physically and maybe even mentally. I never had a low self esteem but when you start to see a difference in the way things look on you…you start to feel a boost in the way you look at yourself. I am absolutely going to keep going!!

Height: 5′ 7″

Weight: 173.6

Bust: 38 in

Waist: 31

Hips: 37 inref

Fit Challenge Week 8


Here’s to week 8!!! As I said last week, I started some light weight lifting. All I can say is ouch!! I did not realize how far I had let myself go. After the first day I started doing it I was so sore I could not even think straight. At first I thought I had hurt myself, but after the 3rd day most of the soreness went away. I made sure I drank plenty of water while doing this and made sure I did not push my muscles to far over what I could do. I know I will build my muscles up to what they need to be and maybe a little more. It just takes time 🙂

As far as my weight, it’s as I expected. I knew I would not lose weight this week because of changing things a bit. Am I disappointed? Not at the moment because I know it will come off as I am doing my new exercises and I will start to look better as well.


Fit Challenge week 8:

Height: 5′ 7″

Age: 38

Weight : 178.6

My bust: 38 in

My waist: 32 in

My Hips: 37 in