Robin Williams RIP 1951-2014


Of all the actors I grew up with I can honestly say Robin Williams was one of my favorites. He was so versatile in every role he played. From Mork to Mrs. Doubtfire, he made you feel like you knew him. Like he was one of your family. He made you laugh, he made you cry. He made you think about everything. I remember the first movie I saw him in “Good Morning Vietnam” where he played a smart-alick DJ with a heart or “Dead Poets Society” where he gave students the inspiration they needed or “Awakenings” where he gave patients families hope that there might be a chance for their loved ones or “Hook” where he made you believe again. I could go on and on about his roles but I think we all know how great he was and how he touched each and every one of us. He was a comedian, an actor, a husband and a father. I send my condolences to his family and I hope by seeing how many lives he touched it will be a little easier for them. For Mr. Williams who is no longer with us I wish for him to have the peace he so deserves where ever he may be. You will be missed 😥