A goal within a goal


Today marks week eight of my weight loss journey and I am learning about myself so much. I found out how much I missed doing things that I had stopped doing like yoga, hiking, and other things that were getting hard to do. Now that I have went 2 months into my long-term goal and have got a bit of my energy back, I am going to set myself a short-term goal. Sort of a goal within a goal. I am happy with my progress but I have a bit of a personal request for myself. My 38th birthday is coming up in 8 weeks. I want to be under 170 lbs by my birthday. I know I might be pushing it and I might not make it, but you know what I am going to do my best to do it. And my reward if I do, other than losing 10 lbs, I am going to buy myself 2 brand new outfits and get rid of the old ones. I know that sounds shallow but I’m not a big money spender. I mean I do like to shop but when you are living on a budget to reach other goals you have to limit yourself to what you can and can’t spend. To be honest I have not really done anything for myself in a while. I mean other than buy myself a few basic necessities. So that is my reward on my birthday I am going to buy myself some new clothes to celebrate my weight loss as well as my 38th year. So here’s to my new goal within my goal, I am going to do it!!  🙂