World Cup Rest Days


Well today and tomorrow are rest days for the players that are still in the Cup. It truly has been an amazing few days. To all the players there are both still playing and have been sent home you have been amazing, fantastic, beautiful, and powerful. You all have and are achieving the dream!! Congratulations to those that are still playing…you have just a few more games before you are done. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!! Who will it be?

So far there has been amazing games played. Some went into extended time and penalty kicks. And some just finished out at the last possible moment. They were all great!! I love watching them all!!! I’ve been fortunate this year. Most of the games, especially the ones I really wanted to see were played on my local FOX network. I was so tickled when I found out that was the plan. The next one will be as well from what I understand. I can’t wait đŸ™‚

The Teams that came out of the Knockouts (round of 16) and are moving on are as follows:


If keeping up with the Brackets for the Quarter-finals here it is:


Game times are as follows:

France vs. Uruguay at Nizhny Novgorod, 10 am ET on FS1
Brazil vs. Belgium at Kazan, 2 pm ET on FS1


Sweden vs. England at Samara, 10 am ET on FOX (local)
Russia vs Croatia at Sochi, 2pm ET on FOX (local)


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