Life continues…


I sit here writing as my daughter’s birthday is in a few weeks and I think how her future is just beginning and looks so bright. I see what her potential is and I know she will be amazing in whatever she chooses to do. I then begin to think I about how my life is now and I think about how old I am getting. Sometimes it feels as if I have reached a point where there is nothing new for me to see or do, but it all changes when I look at her. I realize then at that moment my life is still new and I still have so much to see and do. I realize I am still a work in progress. Like a play that is still unfinished waiting for the next part to begin. Thank you sweetie for reminding me of my potential as you are realizing yours.

My daughter’s 11 th b-day


Well needless to say my baby is growing up. Yesterday was her 11th b-day. She is my youngest and she has changed so much and she has so much to go. As I am looking at my beautiful baby I see all the potential and promise in the world. Now all she has to do is go for it…and I am sure she will!! 😀

HAPPY B-DAY BABY!!! I know you will do everything you set your mind to!!! 😀

Early Bird Gets the Worm



There is something to the old saying ‘the early bird gets the worm’. When I get up first thing, before the kids, I get a bit of time to myself. It gives me a chance to get everything ready and straight before they get up. I love that time because I can ground myself and balance all the tasks that I have to do that day. I get to do my exercises and see the sun rise. It is an amazing feeling each day to be able to start new and know anything is possible. I can understand why they say it because it so true. Anything is possible when you wake up each day with the energy and promise that everything is new. So here’s to the birds…lets be that early bird that gets the worm today!!!

*ok as always if it’s not mine I let you know…the above obviously is not mine. I got it off Yahoo pictures.