Why is it when you think you have everything in line the world throws you a curve? Well that’s what has been happening to me here recently. I don’t complain (or at least I don’t try to) because I know I am more fortunate then some but sometimes it gets to the point where you just have to sit down and ask why. I am not a devout religious person but I do believe in God. I believe for everything there is a reason. But that does not make it better. I guess what I am trying to say is I’m tired at this moment. I’m not depressed or sick or anything like that (thankfully). I just need to stop and regroup. I am just exhausted of running and running to keep up. Financially we are good, health we are good but when things start going south, no matter how good of shape you are in it wears you out. Sigh…..It always works out in the end and I am always better for the trial but it sucks to get there.