There’s an old saying…..


Why is it when a person does well at something there are always those that want to bring them down? Why can’t they be happy for that person or proud of that person? This has always puzzled me. I mean I guess I can understand that they get upset or frustrated with their lot in life. But what I don’t understand is why do you hate someone that is doing well?  I don’t mean rich (but that’s no excuse either) but someone that is just like them and are able to hold their head up and say “yes I did it”. Why would you try to drag them down just to make them miserable? This, I just do not get. I guess it’s human nature maybe. I don’t know. I guess maybe I still have a lot to learn. Maybe I will never understand, I mean I am almost 40…lol!! But I guess it is true….the best revenge is living well. So that is what I will do. I will continue to live my life. I will continue to live as well as my choices allow me to.



Ok so now that I got your attention I’d like to say this isn’t about truth or dare kind of secrets….even though those can be fun. No this is all about this is about all those secrets and thoughts that we have about ourselves. The ones when you get dressed in the morning or when you look in the mirror or when you see someone looking at you or any other of a multitude of other secrets about yourself that you never tell anyone about.

I was listening to radio today and the above song came on the radio. “Secrets” by Mary Lambert. I realize it’s just a song but it really made me think about all the insecurities and negative thoughts I have had over the years about myself. You know the ones…the ones where we are told to not say anything about. The ones that we try to hide though they make us feel insecure about who we are. We should speak up and be proud of every flaw we have. They are what makes us…US!!!  I think it’s a pretty empowering song in a way. It can make you face all the insecurities (or at least think about them) in a positive way. I’m glad I heard the song today…it actually made me feel a lot better than I did.

Thank you Mary Lambert for putting it out there about your own self-doubt and insecurities. You made me feel normal at least

So I am going to challenge anyone who is willing to accept: List at least one insecurity about yourself and for every insecurity that is listed I will list another of mine. Until I run out of them 🙂 (maybe)

I will start out with one of mine to get the ball rolling and show I am not afraid to share:

I have never been satisfied with anything I have done.

So what’s yours?