wake up
sit up
look in the mirror
put on clothes
not that
not this
can’t fit
look in the mirror
brush hair
fix makeup
look in the mirror
not good enough
not bad enough
not cool enough
not thin enough
look in the  mirror




life is choices
burdens we take
we have our voices
to make our emotions fake

the weight we haul
and miles we walk
and seem to crawl
when we don’t talk

how can you feel
the burden that is mine
that cannot be healed
even though we have nothing but time



What a day


what a day

how could it be this way

even though I tried to sway

its amazing any way

in a messy way

even though we try to obey

our mentality will not lay

in a passive way

to give someone another day

to take away

what we pay

for so dearly everyday




laughter, happiness

things we show

when everything goes right

tears, sadness

things we hide

when everyone else thinks things are right

show me all

I want to know

when everything is wrong

when everything is right

why hide

when I am right here

give me your good

give me your bad

I can take it

I know what it is

Don’t feel lost

I’ll hold your hand


© MGA 2017


love insanity


what is it when I see you

wondering how I ever could

how I never even though

but even as I see

you cannot see

I watch from a distance

and people say I am nuts

but I wonder just if

just maybe

if the courage I can build

wondering if you even know

you don’t even see

how I feel

now I wonder if

I should be committed

just for thinking

just for seeing

just for following

but I turn around

before I can give myself away


©MGA 2017

Clapping Seals


Clapping like seals

as he speaks

taking us away

from a cleaner world

with promises of jobs

that disappeared

of jobs

that no longer exist


that are not coming back


that no matter what

have already made their way out

promising our portion of the pie

what will happen to us

what will happen to the world

with the seals

clapping and clapping

with no care in the world

©MGA 2017

Let Go


Holding on
tears falling down
knowing you don’t see
not because you don’t see
just because you don’t know
actions hurt
but words stick
just wanting to let go
waiting for the day
hoping for the day
needing to heal
but only one can do it
waiting to let go

©MGA 2017