Health Update


It’s been a while since I last updated you all on my health improvement journey. Needless to say I have not been successful. I could blame getting sick or having too much on my plate or stress…etc. I could go on forever and give you so many excuses. But in the end it was and is me. Yes I did have some health issues…nothing devastating. I have had a sever sinus infection that did not want to go away which caused some really agonizing headaches. Which not only made me miserable but got to a point where I did not want to do anything but sit and try to relax to make them go away. Finally, the sinus infection has went away and the headaches are less and I am somewhat normal. During this time I also was able to get a better position which made me work more hours and added more stress which at the time did not help the above. There were other issues as well but I am not going to go into this because I feel I am making excuses and hate that. I hate blaming other things for my own shortfalls when I know I could have been taking better care of myself. Needless to say, I am almost back to where I was when I started. the only good thing is my Cholesterol did not go up again…just my weight. I have to get back on track.