Quotes 11/9/16


Regardless of who has won, we have to as a nation come together. Let’s accept what the results are and continue with our lives and hope we can be a nation once again as a whole.


We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mindless Masses


I flip the TV on and see in awe

How it seems each time I turn

CNN is running constant reruns

On the latest shooting  or the last bomb

and wonder if we just walked away

and to never again see


we could probably live life

without all the violence

But of course

we can never peel away

Then I begin to wonder

are the reporters any better

Or are they just another version

I see the gleam in their eyes

When they report on the latest death

Or maybe a crocodile tear

to show they are sincere?

So here I am again

reaching for the remote and begin to wonder

am I no different?

Do I sit and watch the car wreck that is the news

or can I turn it off

and read a good book instead







why did you say it?


I have sat and thought about whether to post this for the last couple of days because I really do not want to offend anyone with what I am saying whether it be those of you who follow me or even if Mr. Simmons himself should read this (which is probably very unlikely…though might spark an interesting convo). I have weighed the good and the bad and really did some thinking. I have even changed some of wording so it did not seem as harsh. But I have come to the conclusion regardless of what I could say on this matter it is a very sore, sensitive subject. So I am going to publish this now after all of my thinking, adjusting, and softening. If anyone is truly offended by anything I have said in this post after reading the post in its entirety please talk to me without being rude or confrontational so we can have an open conversation and maybe help someone who needs it.



As it has been published on various media outlets…Mr. Simmons had said some very questionable and harsh remarks about depression and has suffered the back lash because of said comments. Now I am not going to say I completely agree with him because I don’t, not totally. I agree with him on the part some people are attention seekers. I have had experience with this type myself. They say things they know will get you to feel sorry for them, to pity them. These people set up the stigma for people who truly need help: the ones who are truly suffering because they have a sense of hopelessness, no direction, no desire or whatever is dragging them to that point. These are the ones that need the help to find their way back.

I know depression is a disease. I know people do need help and some never find it in time. But I also know the ones that usually advertise are usually not the ones that need it. But where do we draw the line to find out? We keep trying to help until we have been burned so many times trying to help those that don’t need it. Then we become jaded and then the one we missed becomes the worse case scenario. I think this is probably where Mr. Simmons is coming from. I’ve been there too. Same feelings, you get to a point you wonder why waste your time?  I’ll say this, no one knows what truly goes on in people’s private lives. Sometimes we forget that people can wear masks to cover their pain whether they are 20 or 90. Even though we may think that they are just trying to get attention, we should still try to help those who we think need help regardless.

We need to understand the signs of mental illness in all forms. Unfortunately we have lost too many people because either no one saw the signs or no one wanted to see the signs. I am sorry for all the families that have lost family members due to mental illness. My heart goes out to each and every one of you.

I hope Mr. Simmons respectfully can now understand the difference. It took me a while to understand too but now I do.