Once again I am inspired by the one word prompt CITY. Here is my poem:  City

rhythms that move you
sounds that shake you
crowds that make you scream
get inside
pressure all around
need silence
no where to be found
need space
crushing you to the pavement
people everywhere
looking for peace
looking for a getaway
only escape
is in your mind

©MGA 2016

my ramblings….


Why is it the harder you try the less appreciated you feel? I honestly am not whining even though it seems I am. I am just throwing that question out there. As a wife, mom, teacher, and every other role that I have, it gets so overwhelming at times. I truly try to keep my head straight and do what I can but sometimes it seems like more is expected. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s really the more I do the more is expected. Why is that? Why can I not find a happy medium? Why can’t I get help? Now I am not depressed…I am just overwhelmed. I need a break.