Happy May Day!!


Today being May 1 is a really important day. Whereas here in the US we have Labor Day to celebrate the working man, May Day celebrates the working man internationally. As we see this day go by like any other day…think about all the working men and women every day that make this world go round. Celebrate them and yourself today.

I have made posts on May Day previously providing info about May Day. If you have not looked at it have a look. It has some great info about May Day. Stay safe and enjoy your day!!




Happy May Day all!!


 Whereas I normally try to stay out of politics I have to say I hope everyone around the world has a happy and safe May Day!!

Now for the educational piece for those who may not know the origins:

May Day traditionally was meant to celebrate spring and to enjoy life and happiness. Traditionally it involved food, dancing, and religious rites (mostly pagan). As the world became Christianised, The holiday became a secular tradition in which people celebrated again with fun, festivals, food, and various traditions depending on the country that you are in.

For more info on this part here’s a decent Wiki Article about it:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_Day

The other side of May Day, the one most of the time you hear about in the news….International Worker’s Day. This is like Labor Day for those of us in the USA. International Worker’s Day was created in 1886 after the Haymarket Affair in 1886. It was made International Worker’s Day to commemorate the people who died during that protest. This day has it origins in the labor movement as well specifically the “eight-hour a day movement”.

For more info on this part here’s another decent article about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Workers%27_Day

Also another article about the other Labor days including the one here in the USA:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labour_Day

Now that I got past that educational bit….May Day is supposed to be a time to celebrate as well as to remember all the hard work people do. Lets make it a great day for everyone. Stay safe and enjoy it!!