Goals for June


Ok I am just a fountain of posts today….lol!!! I just got the bug so I guess I am writing 🙂

I figure with the new month I am going to start some new habits. I have been wanting to get back to reading. I used to read a lot but between work and life sometimes it is hard to find time. So I am making time for that and a few other things as well. Here’s my list:



  1. read more (2 books at least)
  2. use less electronic devices
  3. try to get out more
  4. cook with my kids more


I know they sound simple but the reality is they are not. I am definitely going to read at least 2 books. Not sure which ones yet but I’ll put them on here and give a brief synopsis after reading (yeah I’ll write a short report…lol). The electronic devices thing is going to be a little hard but I will do it. I will get out more…especially with the kids being out of school, the weekends will be great. The cooking thing is probably the easiest. Both of my kids love to cook. So I guess we will just make it a family thing 🙂