National poetry day


Well today is national poetry day. it’s another day in the grand scheme of things but for today you should take a moment and just find one poem that touches you and makes you think of greater things. Hope you have a wonderful day as I leave you with one of my own poems for National Poetry Day. Enjoy!

From A Distance

seeing you here
though you
don’t see me
quietly following
as you laugh
as you talk
though I don’t
in your eyes
possibilities endless
fantasies and realities
but you never
could imagine
what I have in
my mind
slipping deeper
into the quicksand
of your stare
how I would
your hands
wanting your lips
you can
just to make
a sigh
come out
of the depths
of my soul
how each time
I look
my fantasies
just get deeper
*shakes head*
reality comes crashing
as I just watch
from a distance