Second group of puzzles


Hi all!! Sorry it took me so long to post another one of these. I took the pictures but just did not have the time to come and up load them here. Here are three new ones we completed. They were a blast!!


Porto Fino, Italy – 500 pcs



99 Beautiful Places on Earth – 1000 pcs



Flags of the World – 1000 pcs



Hobbies….something to do…


Well as I have posted before I do knitting as a hobby and I’m getting pretty good at it…or maybe that’s just my thinking…lol!! SO I decided to pick up something I have done in passing and even get my kids involved with it as well. Photography!! I have posted pics in the past and I know I am no pro and to be honest I’m not really trying to become a pro. I just enjoy taking photos, fixing them and showing them to whoever will look at them. (sorry everyone 😛 )  But all that aside, I want to show my kids how beautiful the world is through their own eyes. I think we forget how amazing our world is. So here I am, being the idealistic mom who wants to show her kids everything that is possible…haha!!  Who knows….they might enjoy it more than me…

Now for blatant self promotion…I have a few places I have posted my photos. Have a look 🙂

My new hobby…Knitting


Well maybe not new… I’ve been doing it for about 6 months now. I’ve been practicing and now I can say I actually have got somewhere with it. It actually is relaxing. As long as you don’t drop a stitch and have to start again (which I have done a lot). I thought it might be an interesting thing to pick up and I am glad I did. I will post a couple of things I have made once I’ve got a chance and will post things as I make them too. So here is to new challenges!!!