The more I do the less I get


Why is it when I do more I get less? It’s not to say I don’t enjoy my job or do not do my job to the best of my ability but when I try to do more or achieve more I don’t get what I want. I work the best I can and always not only help myself but try to help others as well. But it always seems the ones who do less get more.

I know this post probably sounds bitter but it really is not intended that way. I enjoy my job still. I love helping the people I help because I know when they leave me they have the knowledge that will help them be better at what they do. I know they can do their job and not have to ask again what I explained. But sometimes it really sucks when you try to reach up and grab the next rung and you get slapped down. It is really defeating.

I have to remind myself that no matter what they say and do the best reward (even though a bigger paycheck would be nice) is when my co-workers call in and say: “I’m glad it’s you” or “Finally someone who will help” or ” You’re always so cheerful…I’m glad you answered the phone”. I wish I could do more. I wish I could be where I could help these people more. But I guess for now I have to accept it when my fellow agents call in and appreciate me for my help. I have let it go and do the best I can do where I am even if I am doing more with no reward.

why can’t we help


Excuse me if I am venting a little bit. At work today I helped one of my co-workers with some issues she was having. Now mind you she has not been working with us very long. Actually she is fresh out of training, and today was her second day on the phones. I helped her once earlier in the day and I thought she had it. Come to find out she really didn’t and when I spoke to her again she was on the verge of tears and about to walk away. At first I thought something had happened, but come to find out she was having major difficulty with the apps and navigating the systems. When I spoke with her at the end she had come to tell me she wanted to resign. I calmed her down and actually talked to her as a person not just another task that had to be done. I got her to continue with her last hour of the day.

The reason I bring this up is not so much the fact to keep someone working to do their job as is to show a little kindness, a little compassion, a little care. Just to talk to someone to help them over the hump that might be stopping them from succeeding. I cannot tell you how upset I was not because my colleagues didn’t assist her but because they didn’t even try to understand or help her. We all have been there where she is at that moment. We all know how it feels…and nothing. In the position I am in as well as my colleagues, we have no time limit, or production, or demand other then answering questions from our agents. We are essentially support for them. But yet this woman calls in and is her second day and is asking for help and no one helps. WHY?

I know the world moves fast and people forget sometimes but it seems more and more today people care less. They don’t put a little more effort forth unless there is something in it for them or they are told to they have to. I’m not saying everyone out there is like this but we all have had those moments. All I ask of everyone is to not brush someone off or ignore someone who is asking for help. That person may just need someone to listenĀ  to them and it could make all the difference for them as well as you.


I have not disappeared….


At least not yet šŸ™‚


I know it’s been a long time since I posted things on here. I didn’t leave because of something said or something done. I didn’t leave because I wanted to stop posting my life. I left because I wanted to disconnect. It was getting to the point where I was becoming obsessive (never a good thing) with the whole blog idea. I had to stop myself. It had started to affect me in a lot of ways (both good and bad) and brought up a lot of things I thought I had long forgotten. Things not all bad but none the less, wanted to move on from. It dredged up old memories of things that made me who I am but I did not want to remember. That’s the reason I left.

I want to make this blog what I originally wanted. Just a place that I could come to talk out loud. But it started to feel like it was slipping away from that and just becomingĀ  “everything and nothing” . I realize it was my fault I should have stayed within my idea but it is so easy to get lost. It is so easy for things to get overly complicated when there is no reason for it. As you my followers see, I did not close it. I just stopped posting. Not the best idea but it I did.

But guess what…I’m baaaack!!Ā Ā  (lol)

I am coming back after the first of the year and am going to do a reboot of my blog to get it back to what I wanted to do originally and try to help myself as well as anyone wanting an ear, virtual hug, or anything in that realm of help. We all live in this life, lets make the best of it that we can.