Fit Challenge Week 20…some good things…


Sorry about the lateness of this post…between the kids and Hubby I have no idea where the week went. I guess a can start out with a couple of good things in my journey…I put on a pair of jeans today that I have not put on since 2010!! What an amazing feeling that was!! It still was a bit snug but you know what…I was able to button them and zip them up…lol!!!! My husband laughed with me about it and was so happy I was feeling good about it all! The second thing is whereas I did not lose weight this week I noticed how my legs are toning back up and looking a lot slimmer then they have in a long time. I am so glad for that. I’m looking forward to winter because I will be able to wear my knee boots again…yay!!! So overall I think this was a good week. I did see some results even though it was not where I wanted…I will definitely take them because I know it is just a matter of time that it will all change 🙂


Height: 5′ 7″

Weight: 173.6

Bust: 38 in

Waist: 32 in

Hips: 38 in