Life happens…sometimes faster then we think.


I was taking pictures the other day and my daughter who is 13 was there with me. We started talking about everything under the sun. As I was listening to her, it surprised me just how much she changed from that little girl that was always running around, giggling, climbing, getting into things to this young lady that now has a whole different perspective on things. She has such a bright but a little hesitant look on the world.  I guess that is the age as well. I took pictures of her that day as well and I see the amazing differences.  She is no longer that little girl. She is becoming a strong, beautiful young lady. She will always be my little girl though…that will never change 🙂

Been gone, Been Busy….


Well the last two weeks have been busy. Between homeschooling, starting a new contract and hubby starting a new position at work my life has been amazingly full. I thank goodness for every moment and would not have it any other way!!

The kids are doing good with homeschooling and I have a few trip set up for them. It’s hard to actually find something that appeals to both not only because of age but because of the differences in the way act and think. My son is all technical and is so into computers makes wonder if he is one sometimes. My daughter she’s all art and nature. Loves drawing and sewing. Well needless to say, I have found couple of places that we are going to have a bit of fun and even learn a bit. The first one is North Alabama Railway Museum. They have an all day train trip and a little history to go with it. The other is Cathedral Caverns….one of Alabama’s many state parks. Went there as a kid myself and hope to show them to everything I saw.

Hubby got in all the fun this week. He got a new position at work where he only works 4 days a week. Plus side, he gets to spend more time with the kids and me…yay!! Bad side, He has to be out the door by 4:30am. But the old saying is true…don’t look the gift horse in the mouth and I try my best not to. I thank goodness that he was not laid off like so many others.

Well now for the best news…I got a long-term contract!!!! YAY!!! I am so happy about it!! Received a call last Monday for it. That is the biggest reason why I have not been able to post. I actually started work this past Monday. Just shows you can never give up!!

As you see it has been busy. So thankful for everything this week and always