Hollywood Icon – Burt Reynolds


When I hear d yesterday that Burt Reynolds had passed away, I have to say I really felt the loss. It’s funny really. When you think of the movies he was in it seemed like he was this overly macho arrogant kind of man until you sat down and actually watched the movies. Then you saw him..you saw his personality come through his characters. He seemed approachable unlike most Hollywood actors. He seemed like your next door neighbor that you could just sit out on your porch and have a beer with.

I never had the chance to meet him but would have loved to. I grew up watching his movies: Smokey and the Bandit, Cannonball Run, White Lightning, Deliverance, among others. He made life seem amazing and fun and has even been quoted about his movie career “I was doing it for the fun”. He will be missed in Hollywood because there will never be another Burt Reynolds. RIP

Another loss…


Before I start please if you need help get the help you need. Please even if you think it is unbearable…talk to someone, text someone, call someone…call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at (800) 273-8255.



I woke up this morning to the news Anthony Bourdain died. The world has lost another soul that made a difference. He brought into our lives cultures, food, and places that most of us will never see. He allowed us to see things and do things we could only dream to do. I remember the first time I saw him on TV…it was on the Travel Channel. I got to see the world that I could never imagine or dare to go see. He made it look so easy and relaxed. No matter where he went he made it look like he fit in…that he belong there. Even in places he obviously stood out being as tall as he was…it was like he had been there forever. I love that about his shows. He seemed so easy, so normal and approachable. I wish I could have met him and just had a drink with him…it didn’t have to be a meal….just to hear his tales of everywhere he had been.

Unfortunately, his inner demons got the better of him. The cool, calm exterior never showed the troubles he was having. It just shows we do not know what people go through. We do not know what goes on when they go home at night and have to deal with no one else but themselves. We do not know what our words do to someone, whether you speak them or hide behind a screen in a post. When I heard about him this morning it broke my heart and made my soul ache because I knew no one was near at his most desperate moment to stop him. There is no blame on anyone but I cannot even come close to imagine how his family feels. I hope the heartbreak will heal sooner then later though it will be a long road.

As much as hate to say this, I hope something good will come out of this. The reason I say hate is because it should not take a person to die to shed light on something that should be able to be helped. I hope no one else has to die for this to become an issue for everyone to be concerned about. I hope when the camera and lights are turned off that it is not forgotten about. Please if you have friends, family, co-workers, or anyone you know, take care of them. If something is different don’t just brush it off thinking that nothing is wrong. Please talk to them. At the least, you will have helped make a bad day better. At the most, you might change the course of their life.

If anyone reading this tonight or whenever has any kind of thoughts leading in this direction…please get help. Nothing is too big that cannot be helped. There is no shame in needing help for anything. There is no shame in mental illness.



I’m not good at keeping up with writing as is obvious here lately. It’s not that I am particularly busy. It’s just I haven’t gotten over the fact so many can read everything I write. I don’t want to hide but I am a private person who rarely lets her emotions out. Usually when that happens it has got too much to take and I vent through words. I wonder if that is the best way to do it or not. It’s hard to open up especially when you’re not a person who does it very often.

As I said in my last post, my Uncle passed away a few days ago and now that the funeral is over life goes on. My aunt is still very heartbroken and my father is still very upset. There’s not much I can do except be there for my dad. I wish I could do something more but when some one dies I guess that’s the way it is. He’s coming back home today…I’m sure a bit different…but like everything else, life goes on. He will go back to work and will continue the way he did before. My aunt will be the same way. Her life will go back to normal. But both will be a little different.

Sometimes I wonder if everything we do is worth it? Because we can’t stop the inevitable and when we try to be better or do better we end up getting pushed down. Really why do we keep trying? But even as I ask this question, I look at my kids and I know the reason. So like everyone else I will keep going till I can’t anymore…just like my dad.

sad day


A close family member died a few days ago. He had a 3 strokes and was in the ICU for 2 weeks before he had a heart attack his lung collapsed. I did not know him as well as I would have liked to but that is the way it is when you have family overseas. Unless you are able to travel the bond is not as strong as it should be. All this aside he was a strong man in his youth and like us all as we get older we lose that strength and hopefully comes wisdom. It did with him. He leaves behind 1 brother and 1 sister, four grown children and 5 grandchildren. He lost his wife 4 yrs ago and hopefully he is with her now. I truly hope so.

Even though he and I were not as close as we should have been, I will miss him. I hope he found the peace he deserved. And I wish his children the peace that he I am sure he has found. RIP Uncle.