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love insanity

what is it when I see you

wondering how I ever could

how I never even though

but even as I see

you cannot see

I watch from a distance

and people say I am nuts

but I wonder just if

just maybe

if the courage I can build

wondering if you even know

you don’t even see

how I feel

now I wonder if

I should be committed

just for thinking

just for seeing

just for following

but I turn around

before I can give myself away


©MGA 2017


some are small
some are large
some heal
others never do
some are seen
worn on the sleeve
others never show
driving deep
like a puncture
to the soul


People are the same

No mater where they are

no mater what





how can we be

so divided by Impression given

because of color


or creed

we have the same color

when we bleed

we cry the same tears

when we grieve

we are the same

you and me

don’t rush to judge

by a first sight

Let Go

Holding on
tears falling down
knowing you don’t see
not because you don’t see
just because you don’t know
actions hurt
but words stick
just wanting to let go
waiting for the day
hoping for the day
needing to heal
but only one can do it
waiting to let go

©MGA 2017



you say you changed

you say I’m the one

with the issue

from a distance

I see your manipulative ways

and you grasping the straws

you say I’m the issue

I watch you fall apart

see you in denial

making promises

saying things changed

though they never did


©MGA 2017

My Addiction

Just to  see you there

hearing your voice

feeling your presence

being immersed

in everything you

no drug

no alcohol

could compare to

my only addiction

that can never be cured

my love of you

©MGA 2017



how is it you see

a different me

that seems to be

an abstraction of reality

but we are not that different

even though you never see

but please…don’t judge me

for what I believe

©MGA 2017


digital world

no one hears

no one speaks

staring at the screens

blank eyes, closed ears

reality tv becomes real

reality become fantasy

no one sees

no one does

lost in the digital reality

no one exists

not even the world has heard

how it became fake


©2017  MGA

Life continues…

I sit here writing as my daughter’s birthday is in a few weeks and I think how her future is just beginning and looks so bright. I see what her potential is and I know she will be amazing in whatever she chooses to do. I then begin to think I about how my life is now and I think about how old I am getting. Sometimes it feels as if I have reached a point where there is nothing new for me to see or do, but it all changes when I look at her. I realize then at that moment my life is still new and I still have so much to see and do. I realize I am still a work in progress. Like a play that is still unfinished waiting for the next part to begin. Thank you sweetie for reminding me of my potential as you are realizing yours.


Once again I am inspired by the one word prompt CITY. Here is my poem:  City

rhythms that move you
sounds that shake you
crowds that make you scream
get inside
pressure all around
need silence
no where to be found
need space
crushing you to the pavement
people everywhere
looking for peace
looking for a getaway
only escape
is in your mind

©MGA 2016