Little devil on my shoulder…


Today I almost gave in to going to get a steak biscuit from Bojangles even after I already had a good  breakfast. I know that does not sound like a lot but when you are trying to get back to a healthier you it is. So that little devil 😈on my shoulder was sitting there from the time I dropped the kids off at their activities until I passed Bojangles on the road. I actually turned in and was in the drive through line and I stopped. I started thinking about how far I have come. How I was able to get out with my daughter and kick the soccer ball and jump rope. And you know what…I pulled out of the drive through line and came home. I am not going down that road again. Not when I have gained me back. So I just sent that little devil back where he belonged.



Hey all sorry about missing my quote yesterday…so here is a 2 for 1. I mean really, who doesn’t like a 2 for 1? Hope you all are having an amazing weekend!!


Every day brings new choices.

Martha Beck


I believe in Karma. If the good is sown, the good is collected. When positive things are made, that returns well.

 Yannick Noah

There’s an old saying…..


Why is it when a person does well at something there are always those that want to bring them down? Why can’t they be happy for that person or proud of that person? This has always puzzled me. I mean I guess I can understand that they get upset or frustrated with their lot in life. But what I don’t understand is why do you hate someone that is doing well?  I don’t mean rich (but that’s no excuse either) but someone that is just like them and are able to hold their head up and say “yes I did it”. Why would you try to drag them down just to make them miserable? This, I just do not get. I guess it’s human nature maybe. I don’t know. I guess maybe I still have a lot to learn. Maybe I will never understand, I mean I am almost 40…lol!! But I guess it is true….the best revenge is living well. So that is what I will do. I will continue to live my life. I will continue to live as well as my choices allow me to.