Age is just a number


A long time ago, in a town, somewhere in the south…a girl was born. She had all the potential of any kid. But little did she know 41 years later that she would end up being married for 20 years and have a 15 (almost 16) and 14 year old. She did not know all the things that would happen or what she would achieve. She had no clue what life was going to bring her. All she knew at that moment was that she was warm and safe in her mom’s arms.

Years passed and she grew up to be a rambunctious tom boy, an ornery teenager, and a curious and ambitious adult. She met a man that would change everything she knew up to that point.  She would fall in love and give him two beautiful amazing children. She gave him her heart and never looked back.

Again the years continued to pass and she got older but never felt old. She never thought of being old even as her number went up because no one ever looked at herself as being old. She was always asked where do you get that energy, how do you do it….? She just smiled and said I just do.

But now as I sit here…thinking about everything…I realize age really is a number. It is not how we should define ourselves. We should define ourselves by our abilities not by how old we are. If we are able to do whatever we want, see, be…then we should. Today is my birthday and yes I am 41 years old but I do not let it define me….I define it.

My Son and his 13th Birthday


I am amazed by you. I have so much confidence in you. You are becoming an amazing young man. I hope you are achieving everything you want to do now and in the future. I know you can do so much in your life. You have the ability and the knowledge to do it even at this age. Just know now even though you are starting on a new part of you life (teenage years…ahhh!!!) I will always be there no matter what.

Well needless to say, my baby boy is growing up. He’s no longer the little bitty 6lb 10 oz baby I brought from the hospital all those years ago. Yesterday was his 13th birthday!!! He’s confident, self assured, smart, and can do things honestly even with my knowledge of computers that I have to tell him to explain to me. I am so proud of him!!

Happy Birthday baby!! I love you so much!!!


So yesterday was my b-day…


Well yesterday, October 24, was my 38th birthday!!! Hard to imagine that I am now 38. I mean really, I’m 38. I’m not really sure if I should feel different or not. All I know is that the person I am at 38 is a lot better than the person I was at 28. I mean wasn’t a bad person back then but I was so angry, tense and frustrated. I was so confused and I hate to say even lost. But 10 years later I am a better person, a better mom, and a better wife. I know it sounds like I am patting myself on the back and making it sound like I’m perfect, believe me I am not, but I can honestly say I have become a better person and I know I have a long way to go. It’s all about learning about yourself and making yourself better everyday. You have to take it day by day. You have to understand you are not perfect and will make mistakes. How you deal with those mistakes makes you the person you become in the end. So as of today, I am starting a whole new year for myself. I will make myself better. I will be better for my kids, my husband, and most of all for myself. Happy Birthday to me!!!

My daughter’s 11 th b-day


Well needless to say my baby is growing up. Yesterday was her 11th b-day. She is my youngest and she has changed so much and she has so much to go. As I am looking at my beautiful baby I see all the potential and promise in the world. Now all she has to do is go for it…and I am sure she will!! 😀

HAPPY B-DAY BABY!!! I know you will do everything you set your mind to!!! 😀

A goal within a goal


Today marks week eight of my weight loss journey and I am learning about myself so much. I found out how much I missed doing things that I had stopped doing like yoga, hiking, and other things that were getting hard to do. Now that I have went 2 months into my long-term goal and have got a bit of my energy back, I am going to set myself a short-term goal. Sort of a goal within a goal. I am happy with my progress but I have a bit of a personal request for myself. My 38th birthday is coming up in 8 weeks. I want to be under 170 lbs by my birthday. I know I might be pushing it and I might not make it, but you know what I am going to do my best to do it. And my reward if I do, other than losing 10 lbs, I am going to buy myself 2 brand new outfits and get rid of the old ones. I know that sounds shallow but I’m not a big money spender. I mean I do like to shop but when you are living on a budget to reach other goals you have to limit yourself to what you can and can’t spend. To be honest I have not really done anything for myself in a while. I mean other than buy myself a few basic necessities. So that is my reward on my birthday I am going to buy myself some new clothes to celebrate my weight loss as well as my 38th year. So here’s to my new goal within my goal, I am going to do it!!  🙂

Happy Birthday!!


It’s amazing how quickly time goes by. You don’t really know until it really hits you all at once. I sometimes wake up and honestly wonder where the time goes. Another year has gone by and we are another year older. Even though sometimes it feels like I am the older one you are my big brother and you’ve always been there when I needed a big brother. I hope your 42nd birthday is a great one this year and hope everything comes together like it is supposed to for you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Love ya!!