I’m not a person who promotes products or tells you not to use something unless I have a reason behind it. As from previous posts, if you have been following me for a while, you all know my daughter has eczema. We were fortunate enough to find goat milk soap by sheer coincidence on field trip we took once. It was an amazing product that almost totally cleared up her skin. But even with that she still had places that did not go away. As a mom, I was still upset about it. I mean what mom would not be right?

So as time went by, those places stayed on her skin. We got to the point were we had hydrocortisone on hand constantly to keep the flare ups down. During this time I was searching online for anything to help her when I happened upon research done in the UK on the chemicals “methylisothiazolinone” and “methylchloroisothiazolinone”. The research done on those chemicals basically was stating that there was incidence of skin related allergies to use products containing these chemicals. In other lab tests it has also been said to possibly cause nerve damage. There are a lot of articles concerning this. Some can be found at the following links:


I know a lot of these articles are considered bias. And I also know that a lot of people will think that regardless of what I have said above will believe some how I am benefiting from telling you to stop using products that contain these chemicals. If that was true I would list the shampoos that we now use because it does not contain it. We started out with the cheapest brand and at that time was the only one that did not contain it. This was 3 years ago. She no longer has any visible signs of eczema. She has not had a flare up in at least 2 of those 3 years. We stopped using the products that had it in after she started using goat milk soap. I am not saying 100 % that the above chemicals caused her eczema but what I am saying is that these chemicals did make it worse. And when I took them out of use in our house she no longer suffered. To me that is proof enough to say there is an issue. On a side note, I am not paid to promote in products but if you would like to know the three brands of shampoo that we have found for your own benefit. Drop me a message and I will be glad to share.