Politics or Opportunity


Yesterday Rosanne Barr had her show cancelled due to the fact ABC said she went too far with her derogatory comments. I’m glad she was punished for what she did. There is not any pity in my mind for her. She said some very vile and disgusting remarks that should not have seen the light of day. But my question for ABC is why it took so long? I know everyone deserves a chance. But when you see someone who is continuously saying things without remorse why did you have to wait?

But that is not the point of this post. I put that out there for everyone to think for a moment about ABC. We all think they did a fantastic job but in reality they really did not do anything without careful thinking on whether or not it would effect their market share in the positive or negative. So don’t applaud ABC too hard…just think for a moment about it.

Now back to the reason for this post…Rosanne Barr. Now I have never met the woman but I did grow up watching the original Rosanne. I did enjoy it because it did give some insight (or at least what Hollywood wanted us to think) to blue collar families. It was a thought provoking, emotional, sometimes crass look into lives. DO I say it was accurate 100% ? No it was Hollywood for goodness sake. It was not real it was a “rose color” look at life. It put things out there that made people think. It was a good show. Now fast forward to today. The show started off to amazing ratings…I think it was more due to curiosity then actual interest…with a politically charged script but that was ok too. That was the kind of thing to be expected with the show. Everyone liked it. It was even renewed. Then she started and we know everything that she said. I’m not going to repeat them because they were disgusting and there was no reason for them.

I say all this because it seems that we live in an environment where everyone jumps on the political bandwagon whether it be for our current president or for the other side. I think Rosanne thought she could get away with what she said because she was his supporter. She thought why not? Let’s see how far we can push this. And the reality of it is, that is what most people think now. They test the boundaries on how far they can go with out going over the edge. She is not the first nor will she be the last to push it. Go all the way back in time to some of the stand up comedians from the 70’s and 80’s….think about how they pushed the boundaries. Everyone remember Andrew Dice Clay? I remember even though at the time I was a young teenager. Yes he was banned but guess what he made a killing even after he was banned. She will too and she knows it. No publicity is bad publicity.

Despite what everyone says that she was politically motivated in her actions I disagree. I think she was just an opportunist. I think she saw  a way to bank on what was going on in the country. I’m not saying these are not her views because I am pretty sure they are but the reality of it is she thought she had found a way to make money off of what was going on. She probably could have because the climate we are in is perfect for it. But she could not just keep her mouth shut or in this case her fingers off the keyboard. Had she never posted those things on Twitter she would still have a show on ABC and we would not even be having this conversation. We would not care what her political or racial views were. We would still turn it on and watch it.

We as a society unfortunately have created these things and then when they say something that disgusts us we act like oh they were so awful. When in reality, we turn it on, we look it up, we are glued to our screens. We can’t get enough of the controversy that surrounds people like this. We want people like this to be out there so we can say how bad they are and feel better about ourselves. This may sound like a very bleak look on society but just for one moment think about it…if she never tweeted those comments would anyone reading this care what her political or racial views were? Be truthful in your answer.

She was wrong and vile and disgusting in the worse way possible. But she was just an opportunist trying to bank on what is maybe her politics. What she says is just what she says. It could change as the wind blows. But what are we?