such a fun morning…


We got up this morning after having multiple t-storm warnings for areas to the north of us. So our night and early morning were keeping an ear to the weather radio and tv. When it stopped raining for a bit, I got out and got a couple of pics…..

DSC06166    IMG_20140605_071743

So after I got these we went in and had breakfast and mind you we have the tv on and no new warnings have been announced. We go about our morning and my husband goes and gets ready for  his day. As he gets ready to leave, we go outside and see this:

DSC06170 DSC06169 DSC06168 DSC06167

Any of you who live in areas that are prone to tornadoes know what that means. Needless to say we still had no warnings. Husband went on to work and arrived safely…me and the kids hightailed it to the shelter and stayed till it passed. As my husband was going to work he saw where it was trying to form and drop but it did not. Thank goodness one did not touch down this morning


Just a reminder to anyone who lives in tornado prone areas, always keep an ear on your weather radio but also know the sky. Stay safe please!!


Another Tornado Season


Well yesterday officially marked the start tornado season. Have to make sure all of my emergency supplies are stocked and that I have spare gas for my generator. But truly nothing can prepare you when one of the strongest forces of nature comes knocking at your door. I have experienced several tornadoes and many more watches and warnings.  In April 2011, it hit really close to home. 1/2 mile from where we live a massive EF4 touched down and wiped out everything in its path. We were fortunate. Our house was not touched and we only lost power, water, and phone (cell and land line) for almost 24 hrs.  But there were so many that were not. I remember my husband who was coming home that afternoon right before the storms hit had to take shelter until the storms passed him (thank God everyday that there was a church on his way home that had a shelter). Image

He is usually home around 4:30 everyday. That day he did not make it home to well after 8 that night due to the debris that was left in the wake of the storm. For him, this was his first major storm he’d ever been in. He had been in earthquakes but never a tornado before. I had always told him you have no idea what they can do. He never believed me till that day.  I am thankful that my husband made it home that night. Within 3 months we got an inground storm shelter that has served it’s purpose a few times since like in March 2012 when another round of storms came through.

With all of my storm-telling and my enjoyment to see the storms (the energy, the excitement) I do dread them just as much.  Every year I have to make sure things are as prepared as I can make them and make sure my kids understand too. My husband realizes now how dangerous they are now and does not take them (tornado watches and warnings) for granted. Now that does not mean we run around screaming and panicking. We are just aware of what could happen.

With the new season, anyone who lives in tornado alley or anywhere else that is prone to tornadoes, please take care of yourself and don’t take those watches or warnings for granted. It could mean your life.

Some good links to keep up with the weather. Your local channels are great too!!