sad day


A close family member died a few days ago. He had a 3 strokes and was in the ICU for 2 weeks before he had a heart attack his lung collapsed. I did not know him as well as I would have liked to but that is the way it is when you have family overseas. Unless you are able to travel the bond is not as strong as it should be. All this aside he was a strong man in his youth and like us all as we get older we lose that strength and hopefully comes wisdom. It did with him. He leaves behind 1 brother and 1 sister, four grown children and 5 grandchildren. He lost his wife 4 yrs ago and hopefully he is with her now. I truly hope so.

Even though he and I were not as close as we should have been, I will miss him. I hope he found the peace he deserved. And I wish his children the peace that he I am sure he has found. RIP Uncle.

My first year Homeschooling


Last year I started homeschooling my children. It was not a decision I took lightly, actually it was a very life altering decision that took a lot of adjusting and rearranging our lives. The reason I took on the challenge of doing it myself was just very simply I did not want my kids in public school. They were previously in private school and it was an ok school but when I lost my job I could no longer afford to keep them in there. So the only choice I had was homeschool.

During the last year, we all had adjusting to do. I think my son had it harder then my daughter because he hates change. He argued with me and at times refused to do the work. But by the end he got into a rythmn and actually started to enjoy it. My daughter took to it like a fish in water. She always rolls with the punches and adjusts fairly quickly to anything. That’s not to say we didn’t have our bumps in the road because we did. Overall they adjusted very well. I’m proud of my kids and even with all the issues we had this first year they both still came out at the end of the year with an A B average!! 🙂

Now as I look at the next school year starting, I’m wondering what kind of obstacles are going to present themeselves to us? After this first year, with all we’ve been through, I think we can…no I know we can take it head on and come out stonger on the other side better than we were!!

I’m looking for suggestions too!! If any of you are homeschooling and have ideas about field trips, activities…etc let me know. I’m always looking for new ideas!!

continuing my last post (positive note)


As I said in my previous post, It has been a year since I had a steady job. Instead of looking at the negatives of this, I am going to try to look at the positive. I’ve decided I’m going to make a list. Here goes…

1. in the last year I have been able to spend more time with my kids
2. I got to find out how hard it is to be a mom
3. I found out how great it is to be a mom 😀
4. I gained so much respect for all of the teachers out there
5. I discovered what was more important in life
6. through everything My family grew closer and stronger then it has ever been

As I look at this list, I know there are other things that have happened that are just as positive as these but I think these are more important (at least to me) then anything else. Reading this as I type it, I know what a lot might be thinking but I can guarantee that I am not giving up on finding a job. I list these things, I think, just to make myself know not everything has been negative in the last year. Overall, life is a journey that we all make. Just because there are some potholes and bumps on the way does not mean it all has to be that way. When we fall we have to get back up. And that is what I am doing with my family beside me, stronger then ever.