My daughter’s 11 th b-day


Well needless to say my baby is growing up. Yesterday was her 11th b-day. She is my youngest and she has changed so much and she has so much to go. As I am looking at my beautiful baby I see all the potential and promise in the world. Now all she has to do is go for it…and I am sure she will!! ūüėÄ

HAPPY B-DAY BABY!!! I know you will do everything you set your mind to!!! ūüėÄ

The love of my life


Being married can¬†take a toll sometimes on you, but when you have a spouse who will truly do anything for you it makes things better. I have an amazing partner that honestly I have no idea what I would do if he was not there. He’s my companion, my lover, and truly my best friend. I could go on forever about how good he is to me even though sometimes it isn’t as good as it should be. I mean come on we’re both human…lol!!

What I am trying to say, is that I am so glad you are mine sweetheart!! I would not change a thing!! Here’s to 17 years with an amazing man, that loves me just the way I am ūüôā

Happy Anniversary baby!!

Something about being married….


When you are married you realize how much you depend on the one you’re with. Even if you are independent and do everything on your own, when you get married there¬†is part of you that no matter what gives itself over to the one you’re with. You don’t necessarily give up your independence but you learn to give more than you take. You learn to adjust and enjoy when someone does something for you just because. You learn to accept when someone takes care of you even if you can do it yourself. I can honestly say that is what I have got in my relationship with my husband and I am thankful for that.

I know marriage is not for everyone. I know¬†there are a lot that think marriage can be a trap or take away the independence you have worked so hard for and I’ll be honest I thought that too, but when you meet the one you are supposed to be with, it just clicks. It just makes you feel¬†like that is the only thing you need in your life…be damned anything else. Does that mean it’s not difficult at times? No it can be unbelievably difficult. It can make even the strongest man cry at times. But in the end, it is so worth it.

I am not the easiest person to live with at times. I know that. I don’t have to be told by anyone that I can be difficult. But I can honestly say since I have been married (will be 17 yrs in October), I have learned so much on how to deal with life, people, work, and a lot more. There is something about marriage that makes you realize what the world is about. I am glad I did get married, and I am especially glad to be married to my amazing husband.

Happy Birthday!!


It’s amazing how quickly time goes by. You don’t really know until it really hits you all at once. I sometimes wake up and honestly wonder where the time goes. Another year has gone by and we are another year older. Even though sometimes it feels like I am the older one you are my big brother and you’ve always been there when I needed a big brother. I hope your 42nd birthday is a great one this year and hope everything comes together like it is supposed to for you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Love ya!!

A beautiful morning


I woke up¬†as I always do at 5 am and just enjoyed the silence in the house for a short bit. Between the kids and husband I don’t get too many of these moments and they are so nice. I sat in my living room just looking at all the pictures we have ourselves¬† and I just realized how much all four of us have changed. You never really realize it until you stop and look. I’m¬†37 and about¬†20 (ok 25…lol) pounds heavier and my¬†husband who just turned 47 has a lot more grey then he wants to admit (I love it ūüôā ). My son just turned 12 and my daughter turned 10 not too much before that. They grow up so quickly. If feels just like yesterday they took their first steps, said their first¬†words, and all of the rest of their firsts. I know they have so many more coming and I am looking forward to all of them but just for the briefest moment this morning I remembered them as the little babies that came into this world and enjoyed those memories. Now onto the future and all the promise both of them have. I hope our future will be as warm and full of love as it has been over the past years and that we never forget where we came from.

A tough morning


I tried to start the day today with good intentions (you know how that goes) but it ended up being a long drawn out discussion (and I use that term with the best meaning) with my son who did not like being woke up to a change. Now mind you, it’s not like I was going to make him do extra chores or make him do extra school work. No, what I had planned on doing today is to start us all to work out together. Because #1: He has elevated cholesterol, #2 he and I both could lose weight, #3 I wanted him to start¬†down a better path than I am on myself, and lastly #4 I wanted us to do it as a family. He was having none of it this morning. Things escalated and well…needless to say…we ended up arguing.

I admit I am not the most cool headed person in the world and I know I should have left it be. But I could not. I blame myself because I should have handled it better. I mean really who’s the adult here…right? But there are times where we can’t help it even as adults to act like kids and in this instance I did. Am I ashamed? No. Have I learned anything from this? Yes. Does that soothe any kind of hurt feelings on either side? Not really. Do I regret having the argument with him and not trying to avoid it? Yes I most certainly do!!

I know as he gets older it’s going to be a lot harder than it is now but I hope in my heart of hearts that we will avoid this. I am trying as a parent to be better but some times I wonder if I am living up to what I should be as a parent. I wonder if I am doing right by my kids. I have even started questioning homeschooling my kids even though I love them here. I still believe in my heart I am doing the right things but sometimes I can’t help but wonder.

Last Day…till Spring Break


Well today is the last official vacation day until Spring Break. Of course, with homeschooling my kids I have the opportunity to take them places for field trips that helps with being stuck sometimes….thank goodness!! But regardless this is officially the middle of the school year and¬† when I look back I see where my kids have come from and see a bright future for them. I am grateful for the opportunity I have had this year so far and for the years coming. I hope to have moments like this where I am actually eager to get back to school work with my kids and have them as eager as well. So here’s to the end of vacation time and back work. Spring Break I know you’re coming and we will be glad when you do but until then here’s to the start of the second half.

Been gone, Been Busy….


Well the last two weeks have been busy. Between homeschooling, starting a new contract and hubby starting a new position at work my life has been amazingly full. I thank goodness for every moment and would not have it any other way!!

The kids are doing good with homeschooling and I have a few trip set up for them. It’s hard to actually find something that appeals to both not only because of age but because of the differences in the way act and think. My son is all technical and is so into computers makes wonder if he is one sometimes. My daughter she’s all art and nature. Loves drawing and sewing. Well needless to say, I have found couple of places that we are going to have a bit of fun and even learn a bit. The first one is North Alabama Railway Museum. They have an all day train trip and a little history to go with it. The other is Cathedral Caverns….one of Alabama’s many state parks. Went there as a kid myself and hope to show them to everything I saw.

Hubby got in all the fun this week. He got a new position at work where he only works 4 days a week. Plus side, he gets to spend more time with the kids and me…yay!! Bad side, He has to be out the door by 4:30am. But the old saying is true…don’t look the gift horse in the mouth and I try my best not to. I thank goodness that he was not laid off like so many others.

Well now for the best news…I got a long-term contract!!!! YAY!!! I am so happy about it!! Received a call last Monday for it. That is the biggest reason why I have not been able to post. I actually started work this past Monday. Just shows you can never give up!!

As you see it has been busy. So thankful for everything this week and always

manners, kindness, and kids


A few days ago me and my husband were out with the kids doing some shopping. While my husband was in line to check out, an older gentleman complemented my kids on having good manners. Now¬†as a parent that was one of the best things a stranger could say about my kids because it means that I’m doing something right as a parent. But when I think about it, I begin to wonder…have kids lost the respect or is it just because no one teaches them anymore?

I think it is honestly people have lost what it means to respect one another. Then in the same regard kids never learn what it means to respect someone¬†because we do not teach them. I’m¬†not saying all kids are like this but it seems more and more kids do not have the simple manners that we learned growing up. Maybe it’s because we as parents forget in order to get respect you must have respect.

Now I’ll be honest , my kids are not perfect. They have their moments when they are rude and disrespectful…I mean they are human…but they learn from those moments. Because I correct them before it goes any further and I learn how to be less rude myself while I’m teaching them. I take the time to make sure they know¬†the only way they get respect is to have respect. I also teach them not to allow anyone to step on them. I teach them how to fight back not just with fists¬†but first and foremost with words.

I make sure my kids say Yes ma’am/sir and thank you for everything not because I am being strict but because it was what I was taught. It was what was expected when I was growing up from all kids or at least the ones I was around. More and more though I think parents are forgetting that manners and respect get you further than disrespect.¬†Or maybe it’s because parents do not have the time to spend teach their kids because of bills, work, being tired…etc . I really do not know and I do not judge because it’s hard to raise kids. I know that as well as anyone reading this.

I hope more parents start to realize that respect and manners are more important than disrespect and maybe it won’t be a surprise when I hear people complimenting kids.



I’m not good at keeping up with writing as is obvious here lately. It’s not that I am particularly busy. It’s just I haven’t gotten over the fact so many can read everything I write. I don’t want to hide but I am a private person who¬†rarely lets her emotions out. Usually when that happens it has got too much to take and I vent through words. I wonder if that is the best way to do it or not. It’s hard to open up especially when you’re not a person who does it very often.

As I said in my last post, my Uncle passed away a few days ago and now that the funeral is over life goes on. My aunt is still very heartbroken and my father¬†is¬†still very upset. There’s not much I can do except be there for my dad. I¬†wish I could do something more but when some one dies I guess¬†that’s the¬†way it is. He’s coming back home today…I’m sure a bit different…but like everything else, life goes on. He will go back to work and will continue the way he did before. My aunt will be the same way. Her life will go back to normal. But both will be a little different.

Sometimes I wonder if everything we do is worth it? Because we can’t stop the inevitable and when we try to be better or do better we end up getting pushed down. Really why do we keep trying? But even as I ask this question, I look at my kids and I know the reason. So like everyone else I will keep going till I can’t anymore…just like my dad.