New Curtains (on a budget) for my kitchen


I finally got done with my budget curtains for my kitchen!! Of course I’ve done it before and anytime I find a bargain I try to snap things up if I have the extra cash. Well in this case I did and was glad to find them. I found some beautiful cloth table cloths for $1 a piece!!! I could not help it….lol So, needless to say I bought 7 of them. They were 52 x 70 which gave me more than enough material for my four windows and have enough for a table cloth to match for my table.  My windows in my kitchen are 32 x 64 (2), 33 x 33 (1) and my largest window is 60 x 64 (1). I knew what pattern I wanted so I got my amazing husband to help me cut the sizes I needed. I then started sewing the pieces together (the hardest part….even though I do love it). But with like all things when you have a family things don’t always get done as quickly as you would like. I ended up stopped for 2 weeks because of life intruding. 🙂  Well when I finally got back to it, I said I have to get it finished….guess what? I did!! Now if I can get back out to my side path project I’ll be in great shape. The weather just will not let me get back out. Oh well, I always have to have something to do 😀

IMG_20150130_101438 Sewing the hems so no rough edges

IMG_20150130_101456 One of the panels that was finished

IMG_20150130_101529            IMG_20150130_220424finished on two of my windows


A side path project


This past weekend I decided to start on a path I had no plans for when I started my patio project last year. It’s still a work in progress on that one because I have to wait till it gets a little bit warm to go back to work on that.

I really had no plans to do this but my parents had a bunch stepping stones that they had no use for. They told me if I came and got them that I could have them. Well that’s what I did 😀 Me and my hubby got out there and got them loaded them into the truck and came home.

That was 4 months ago….

Between the rain, the cold, work, and kids……we know how that goes.

So this past weekend, I got started.

IMG_20150116_140009       IMG_20150117_111007       IMG_20150117_135908

IMG_20150117_135840         IMG_20150117_135947

As you can see from above, I am about half way done. I have to get some more bricks and a load of sand to actually finish the leveling off. I think we got off to a pretty good start but still got a lot to do…work in process. As long as the weather holds, we will get more done this coming weekend.

My patio project


For the last month I have been working on expanding my back patio. I wanted to do it myself but of course I had to get my husband and my kids involved to make it a family thing. I’m glad I did! For this season we are finished because we are finished with the budget for it 🙂  We got done with what we wanted to do this year so that’s a good thing. Next year we are planning to put tile down for appearances. Hoping it will be finished next year…until then here are pics of the process 🙂

Day 1:

IMG_20140626_095921 IMG_20140626_133912  IMG_20140627_120403

Next day it rained…we had to wait 4 days before we could do anything else:


When we did I got the kids out for a bit 🙂


First section put down getting ready for second:


Second section:


last section….finished till next year:




The time of year I love: Spring cleaning…painting…and everything


Well today begins my yearly task of cleaning and getting everything in order for spring. That’s not to say I don’t do it throughout the year, but during the spring it takes on special meaning. Every year I sort of look forward to it. The whole “out with the old, in with the new” thing. It brings a freshness to my home as well as to my mind. I get rid of things that either I no longer use or need and find out if there is anything that needs to be replaced or fixed. I go through all of my closets and pantrys and clean out all the cobwebs. Me and my husband paint the rooms if need be, which this year probably will have to be done (not looking forward to that). I even get my kids involved. If their rooms need painting I let them pick the color (within reason) and get them to help in painting it. Teaching them how to take care of their spaces as well as having a bit of fun!! Overall, I love doing things like this because I know it brings us together as a family as well as keeping the place we love beautiful. So yeah, maybe I’m a bit weird, but I do love spring cleaning!!!