Little devil on my shoulder…


Today I almost gave in to going to get a steak biscuit from Bojangles even after I already had a goodĀ  breakfast. I know that does not sound like a lot but when you are trying to get back to a healthier you it is. So that little devil šŸ˜ˆon my shoulder was sitting there from the time I dropped the kids off at their activities until I passed Bojangles on the road. I actually turned in and was in the drive through line and I stopped. I started thinking about how far I have come. How I was able to get out with my daughter and kick the soccer ball and jump rope. And you know what…I pulled out of the drive through line and came home. I am not going down that road again. Not when I have gained me back. So I just sent that little devil back where he belonged.

Fit check 2/27/18


Good morning everyone!!! Hope your week is going great and you are at least trying to be healthy as I am šŸ™‚ Ā  Not much has changed from last week except I’ve started getting out and kicking the soccer ball around with my daughter. It feels amazing. I’m glad I can do it with no major issues and she enjoys me being out with her as well. It’s great mom and daughter time….she’s 13 so it’s perfect! It’s a win, win situation for both of us.

As I told you all last week, about my wrist, my doctor stated that there is not any nerve damageĀ  or other issues. He stated that the test was not 100 % indicative of no problems that is just eliminated any issues from the arm up to my neck. He stated he is 99% positive that I have carpal tunnel as well as a “trigger thumb”. So I have been scheduled for a surgery on April 12 to get those fixed. Hopefully that will alleviate the pain.



Fit Check 2/20/18


G’morning all!! Here is another fit check update. When coming out of the winter season it can be especially hard to trim the pounds off. You’ve got used to eating for winter sustainability and to convert over to eating different for the warmer months is hard. Especially when it is still dreary, cold, and rainy. Well, I am getting back into the swing of things and have started eating less starchy foods (breads, pastas…etc) and getting back to eating more fresh foods (fresh fruits and vegetables). I do eat fruits and vegetables in the winter but they really are not as appealing as the heavier foods. As it warms up, I will be able to get out more again and actually go hiking and trailing. I’ll be able to get out on my bike and ride around with my kids in the fresh air too. Here’s to spring…glad you are just around the corner šŸ™‚

I know I said last week I’d give an update about my wrist, so here it is. Apparently there are no nerve issues (yay) but then what is causing the pain? I have an appointment this Thursday to discuss that with my Dr. We’ll find out more info at that point.



Fit Check 2/13


Good morning everyone!! Today is a good day!! It stopped raining for a little bit and the sun is trying to come out! I also lost some weight!! Yay!! I guess it is starting to move again. I’m glad to see it come off but again it is not my primary goal. I am changing the way I live versus just focusing on the numbers….and it is working.

Last week I told you I will probably have to do surgery on my right wrist due to carpal tunnel. Well yesterday was the first step. I had a nerve test and let me tell you…do not believe what they say when they tell you it is not painful because it is. The first part is not so bad. It is likeĀ one second zaps in your arm. The worse part is when they stick you with the needle probe. It is a longer period of time then the zaps and it will leave you in pain in the entire area. I tend to have a high pain tolerance but this was so different and I think because it was internal was so painful. As I am writing this, it has went away afterĀ  a good night’s sleep but it feels like I have worked out so much and my muscles on that side are so sore.Ā But it’s over now and just have to wait on the test results which should be back today and they will let me know what the next steps are.



Fit Check 2/6


Hi all!!! Here I am once again posting about my improvements or not. I am feeling betterĀ again. I knew I would if I started up again but like last time my weight is not budging. I will get it to move. It is just a matter of persistence. I just have to keep at it and it will work. I lost some previously and I will again. I just have to maintain the course. and I will.

On to another note, I am going to have to have surgery on my wrist. Not immediately, because theĀ Dr wants to do a nerve test to see how bad it is. Then he said we would discuss my options. I knew it was going to happen eventually. I have actually been putting it off for 3 to 4 years because number 1, I did not want to have surgery and number 2, I did not want to have the downtime (ugh). So we will see what comes of the test. I’ll let you know in my next post.



Fit check 1/31


Hi all!!! I know I am a day late in posting this…sorry about that. My computer crashed on me so I could not do what I needed to do. I had to reformat, then get all the updates, then put all my files back on it…ugh. Oh well.


So here it is my weekly check in. Not too much change still. I am trying to go back to what I was doing before but it is difficult. I don’t make excuses because in the end it comes back to me. I will do it. Just got to keep plodding along.







Check in 1/23


Hi everyone!!! Hope your week hasĀ had an amazing start!! As with every weekĀ here is my weekly check in with you. I have been doing everything that I need to butĀ my weight is notĀ budging. It’s not the worse but not the best either. It’s been a busy week and I have been lazy about taking care of myself but I am getting better at it.Ā I just have to continue to remind myself if I don’t take care of myself no one else will.


So here is my fit bitĀ stats. Not as impressive as I’d like them to be, but I will get it!!





My Check in 1/16


Well good morning all!! Hope your week has started off with a bang!! Here it is cold and they are expecting ice….brrr. Makes me thankful I can work out inside šŸ˜€

Well here is my weekly post…not much has change but that was to be expected. I started working out again but in reality, it is not going to make a difference in one week. I know this and it stinks but it is what it is. I am going to continue doing the same thing that I am doing now. Till next week:



My check in


Hi everyone!! Here I am. This week I started my exercising again. I enjoy it but as with everything…when the holidays come it all get’s pushed back. When I started again this week I was at 180.8. I dropped a pound so I know I can get back on track as long as I stay on track and not get distracted šŸ™‚Ā  I said way back last year I am not doing it primarily for weight loss but it is nice to see it come off. I am going to the DR for a check up on February 2 so we’ll see where I am at that point. Hopefully it will be in a good place. As I said on my post earlier I was going to post my Fitbit email. So here is the screenshot from this morning at 4:32 am:




Till Next Week!!

My Diet, lifestyle change and exercise.


Well as you all have noticed, I have not posted much about my lifestyle changes recently. I have not stopped what I was doing. In fact I have kept on doing what I was doing with adjustments. With those adjustments I have actually seen more success then I was before. Instead of eating a small or nothing for breakfast I have actually been eating a good breakfast. I found out it carries me though the day and I am not as hungry in the afternoon. So then I don’t end up snacking on things I shouldn’t be. I know this should have been a given but you know when someone tells you something, even if it is good for you, you have to find out for yourself. So I have….lol!! I am still doing the exercises that I was previously and it feels great. When I get done with them, it’s like my whole body is energized ready for the day. I love that feeling.

I will start posting more about this again. It is just the last few weeks have been a bit overwhelming…personal issues and stuff. It’s life…we all have those days. We just got to find a way and do the best we can. Till next time!!