Yoga Tuesday


Hi all!! Welcome to Yoga Pose Tuesday. I think I am going to change this just to Yoga Tuesday because until I can actually get back to getting pics for you all…it really is only information. That’s not a bad thing but to be honest I had a lot more hope for this weekly segment on my blog but between the home life, job, and just myself I have not been able to keep up with I was hoping to do. So as of today it will be called Yoga Tuesday just because I can provide more info them actual pics. Does that mean I will not post anymore pics? No I will as I have them 🙂

Now onto the post 🙂


Today on this post I would like to talk about how Yoga effects the outlook on your life. When you start Yoga you have can have any of a multitude of reasons to start it. Mine was always to get balance in my everyday existence. Yoga not only will help achieve a certain calmness but it will allow you to look at the world from a different perspective. Meaning it gives you a chance to see things differently.

When doing yoga, it is not all about getting the poses done right or wearing the right clothes or being with the “IN” crowd. Yoga is in fact a spiritual journey. Now that probably will turn some people off. They will say…I don’t need that or I am already fine with my religion…etc. But I have to say I am not talking about religion so much when I say spiritual. I think a lot of people equate religion with being spiritual. Religion to me is the study and following of text and beliefs set forth to help people have a good moral compass. And that is great!! Being spiritual to me means being able accept yourself, being able to center yourself, and most of all open yourself to everything that brings you peace. Once you reach that level, everything will be easier to do. Does that mean you will not have bad days as well? No…hey we’re all human we’re not perfect. There will always be bad days and good days and even better days. But with yoga if you open yourself to that peace, it will make it better.





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