Fit Challenge Week 45


Hey everyone!! This post is a little shorter than normal because I am in the middle of getting things prepared for my Mom’s b-day. So let’s hit the highlights…on the plus side I lost a pound. That sort of surprises me considering the foods I ate this weekend. Whereas they were not the worst, they definitely were not the best. I guess my body has woke up and is using the calories I intake a little more efficiently. Which is a good thing…it means I am on the right track…YAY!!  Something else that may have help it as well is I did start using weights again. I used to lift weights (not as a bodybuilder but more than casual) when I was younger. So now I have decided to start doing it again if for nothing else just to keep my arms and legs toned and even to alleviate pain I stated developing in my arms. Hopefully this will help me burn fat more…will keep you all updated as always!!


Weight: 174.8

Bust: 38 in

Waist: 32

Hips: 37

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