Yoga Pose (Information) Tuesday


Hi everyone!! I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted anything relating o exercise, health, or my challenge. It’s been a rollercoaster the last few but finally it seems everything is slowing down a little bit….at least for the time being. So today, like my last yoga post, I will provide a bit of info. May not be what you look for when you see this post but I’ll be honest…I just have not had the time to take the pics. Hopefully next week I will have some pics for you to see and attempt….until then Namaste.


Ananda (bliss): the condition of utter joy, which is an essential quality of the ultimate reality

Darshana (seeing): vision in the literal and metaphorical sense; a system of philosophy.

Meditation: Focusing and calming the mind often through breath work to reach deeper levels of consciousness.

Satya (truth/truthfulness): truth, a designation of the ultimate Reality; also the practice of truthfulness, which is an aspect of moral discipline


These are four of many words that are used in yoga but these are some words I’m sure everyone has seen at one time or another. Each will give a better understanding. But for now, Namaste.


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