Yoga pose (information) Tuesday


Well today I don’t have my usual picture and pose. I’ll be honest…I did not have the time to get pics taken. With it being close to the end of the school year, I have to get everything put together for the kids school for the past year. So today instead of poses I’m going to give some info on some of the words that you see or hear in Yoga. Yoga in of it self is an all encompassing way. It is a philosophy for lack of better term. Yes most of us just do it for the exercise (physical) benefits but there are some that can transcend and develop it into a complete way of life…eating, living, exercising, and meditating. They choose a path that they can follow for their betterment and those around them. They become one with the world around them and are at relative peace. It must be an amazing feeling to reach that point maybe one day I can tell you that I made it there. But in the mean time I’ll start you out with some really basic terms you might hear or see when doing your yoga practices.


Asana (seat)- a physical posture

Namaste – literally means “I bow to you”

Chakra – the wheel of a wagon

Mantra (from the verbal root man “to think”)- a sacred sound or phrase


These are four of many words that are used in yoga but these are some words I’m sure everyone has seen at one time or another. I’ll post more as the weeks go by. But for now, Namaste.




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