Yoga Pose Tuesday


Normally on this post I would post a pic of me doing some pose. Then I would give you the steps on how to get in it. Well…unfortunately…I have got a bit of a bug this week (ugh). Of all the weeks to get sick I get sick on the week of Valentine’s day 😦


Anyway enough moping, instead of doing a pose for you, I will list some of the benefits of yoga (as well as most exercises).

  1. The biggest benefit for me was it made me feel good. I have always enjoyed exercising and yoga always gave me an outlet that was not extremely harsh on the body.
  2. Posture. Even if you start out in yoga with not so great posture, your posture will gradually improve with each time. It is a gradual process but it will help
  3. Balance. This is both external and internal. Once you have complete balance though out things just fall into place everywhere.
  4. Circulation. By doing yoga, it will allow your body to become more fluid in and out. Internally the more you stretch, the more your muscles will open and allow the blood and oxygen to flow through.
  5. Flexibility. Same as number 3 but the more yoga is done the less likely you will hurt your muscles  when doing other exercises due to you building both endurance and elasticity in your muscles.
  6. Weight Loss. Whereas all exercises will help you lose weight with a balanced diet, yoga will do the same.
  7. Well being. This is similar to number 1 but also yoga will help you develop a balance both mentally and physically to help you through your day.


These are some benefits over the years I have found. I am sure there are more “scientific benefits” that yoga has but overall the whole premise of yoga to me is to keep me on the right path mentally and physically.


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