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All About Healthy Choices

My two favorite were Superman and Batman. As corny as the shows were, the “good guys” always displayed valor, honor, integrity, compassion and commitment while fighting “EVIL” to protect mankind. Do you remember how their physical presentation added even greater “strength” to the characters they portrayed?

Looking at them from today’s perspective, their costumes rather than their physical realities created the illusion their strength superseded all mortal men. The truth is, they were two men that fit the physical profile, HEALTHY.

As society has undergone its transition from the 1950’s to 2016, we have lost much of the physical charisma our superheroes possessed and replaced it with an unfortunate manifestation of a new reality. Whether it’s cartoon drawings, action play figures or people dressing up as superheroes, our new reality looks like this:


This is the reality 1 out of 3 American’s face today. This number increase to 2 out…

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